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MoveOn & Win Without War
MoveOn: Internet Fundraiser for the Democratic Party
MoveOn started as an online petition asking the Congress to "censure Pres. Clinton and move on to pressing issues facing the nation." By the end of the impeachment scandal over 500,000 people had signed the petition and many had pledged money for the election to come. The following excerpts describe that time in MoveOn's history.

PR Liaisons and Spokespersons for MoveOn Iraq Campaign

Press Release re Iraq meetings, Aug 27, 2002
"The Bush White House is planning for war without the support of our allies and without the informed consent of Congress or the American people" said Wes Boyd, President of " is helping citizens throughout the nation demand that their representatives ask the hard questions and exercise their Constitutional responsibility."

Press Coverage of MoveOn's Iraq Meetings of Aug 28, 2002
"Carrying signs of "Say No to War" and "Attack Iraq - NO," about 80 demonstrators crowded the sidewalk and handed out fliers arguing against a US invasion against Saddam Hussein. They called for more weapons inspections and said a unilateral move by the United States would have devastating effects in the Middle East. - Boston Globe

Press Release: Launch of Win Without War Dec 11, 2002
Leaders of major civic and faith organizations will gather in the nation.s capital next week to announce the creation of a new coalition in support of a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the crisis in Iraq.  The new group, Win Without War, represents millions of Americans and seeks to prevent bloodshed and loss of life on all sides by slowing the Bush Administration.s apparent rush to war so that U.N. Arms Inspectors have time to carry out their mission.

MoveOn Petition: Artists Say Win Without War
War talk in Washington is alarming and unnecessary.
We are patriotic Americans who share the belief that Saddam Hussein cannot be allowed to possess weapons of mass destruction. We support rigorous UN weapons inspections to assure Iraq's effective disarmament.

MoveOn Press Release: "Let Weapons Inspections Work" Jan 21, 2003
As part of a massive lobbying campaign, over ten thousand members of the activist Internet group will pay personal visits to virtually every local congressional office in the country today to deliver a crucial message about a possible war in Iraq: "Let the Inspections Work." They will be asking House members to join Sherrod Brown and other representatives in signing on to a "Dear Colleague" letter asking the President to let the U.N. Inspectors do their job...

MoveOn Petition: Support French-German proposal for Weapons Inspections
[People everywhere outside the US] We ask also that you demand that your governments support the French-German initiative for additional inspections. If your government currently backs the Bush Administration, make it clear that they should withdraw this support. If your government is standing against the Bush Administration, make it clear that you support their actions and call upon them to stand firm.