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MoveOn Press Release: "Let the inspections work." 01.21.03
National News Release
Contact: Joan Blades

Interviews available today with MoveOn national staff
OPPOSE RUSH TO WAR IN IRAQ wants U.S. to "Let the inspections work."
(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) January 21, 2003 - As part of a massive lobbying campaign, over ten thousand members of the activist Internet group will pay personal visits to virtually every local congressional office in the country today to deliver a crucial message about a possible war in Iraq: "Let the Inspections Work." They will be asking House members to join Sherrod Brown and other representatives in signing on to a "Dear Colleague" letter asking the President to let the U.N. Inspectors do their job.
"A war with Iraq could easily get out of hand and we already have a process that's working to disarm Iraq" says Wes Boyd, President of "It's in everyone's interests for the Bush administration to proceed with due caution and let the inspections work."
The Bush administration is trying to impose a February deadline on the inspections, even though chief U. N. weapons inspector Hans Blix has said he does not expect to complete the inspections and file a report before the end of March.
The visits to more than 450 offices are part of an ongoing MoveOn campaign to prevent a rush to war by the Bush administration, and come on the heels of last weekend's anti-war protests, which were attended by hundreds of thousands of Americans.  Lobbying Congress at the local level is a key part of a grassroots effort by to communicate that most American do not support a unilateral, preemptive war in Iraq. has more than 700,000 members nationwide. launched a TV advertising campaign last week with the same theme. The TV ad, a remake of the controversial 1960's antiwar "Daisy" commercial, shows scenes of an Iraqi war spinning out of control. A narrator announces in a voice-over, "War with Iraq... Maybe it will end quickly.  Maybe not.  Maybe it will spread." The group raised $400,000 from its membership to air the ad in 13 major U.S. cities, including Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. is an internet advocacy group working to bring ordinary people back into politics. joins the National Council of Churches, the NAACP, Sierra Club, NOW, and a host of others in a coalition called Win Without War that represents the millions of voting Americans who favor allowing the U.N. inspectors to finish their work in Iraq. can be found online at