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Press Coverage of MoveOn's Iraq Meetings / Aug 28, 2002
Press Coverage of MoveOn's Iraq Meetings

The meetings on August 28, 2002 were covered by dozens of media outlets. Below is a sampling of the articles and news stories produced about these meetings.

LA Times, CA: "Military Action May Get Peace Movement Rolling"
September 2, 2002
"In Senate offices across the country last week, Americans who had embraced's cause came to press the case against war in Iraq."
Boston Globe, MA: "Antiwar Protesters Picket Kerry's Office"
August 31, 2002
"Carrying signs of "Say No to War" and "Attack Iraq - NO," about 80 demonstrators crowded the sidewalk and handed out fliers arguing against a US invasion against Saddam Hussein. They called for more weapons inspections and said a unilateral move by the United States would have devastating effects in the Middle East. "There's no evidence that Saddam Hussein is an imminent danger," said Mike Tannert, a retired GTE employee and a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney should "focus on homeland security, like protecting our nuclear plants from being attacked," Tannert added."

Chicago Tribune, IL: "150 at Dirksen Building protest Bush's Iraq plan"
August 29, 2002
"About 150 people rallied in front of the Dirksen Federal Building on Wednesday for a teach-in to address President Bush's proposal for U.S. intervention in Iraq. And a few dozen more expressed their opinions on the subject to Illinois' U.S. senators. "People are afraid to say anything in the wake of Sept. 11," said longtime peace activist Bernice Bild. "We're here to say it's OK to ask questions." Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Peter Fitzgerald (R-Ill.) arranged for staff members to meet with the activists."

San Francisco Bay Guardian: "Peace Movement Wakes Up"
September 4, 2002
"Speaking of grassroots lobbying, the electronic advocacy group MoveOn circulated an online petition against the war and an invitation to meet with local senators in all 50 states. In six days, 30,000 people in the Bay Area signed the petition and 400 asked to join the meeting with Sen. Barbara Boxer. The response was so overwhelming, far beyond that of anywhere else in the country, that MoveOn turned the meeting into a rally outside Boxer's office with a clear message: it's not enough to make mushy statements questioning Bush we want you to take the lead against this war."

Albuquerque Journal, NM: "Iraq War Plans Protested"
August 29, 2002
"About 40 people came to the Albuquerque offices of both New Mexico senators Wednesday with petitions calling on Congress to prevent a war with Iraq. Simultaneously, people nationwide were visiting their congressional offices, said Terry Mulcahy, a spokesman for the local group."

KXAN TV, TX: "Central Texans Voicing Opinions On Iraq"
August 28, 2002
"U.S. lawmakers may hold more hearings on Iraq after the recess, and some Central Texans are making sure their representatives know exactly how they feel. "Over 4,000 Texans have signed this petition calling for the senator to ask the hard questions about this rush to war," Andy McKenna with said."

Austin-American Statesman, TX: "Group delivers petition opposing war with Iraq"
August 29, 2002
"A week-old grass-roots campaign opposing American military action against Iraq took its message to the doorstep of U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's Austin office on Wednesday. About 35 people squeezed under a sliver of midday shade outside a downtown federal building to deliver an anti-war petition with 600 signatures to Joyce Sibley, director of constituent services for Hutchison."

New Britain Herald, CT: "Iraq Plans Protested"
August 29, 2002
"U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd should not support President George W. Bush's assumed plan to wage war against Iraq, according to a collection of groups gathered Wednesday at the First Congregational Church. Some 100 activists and concerned citizens gathered in the church's basement to present an online petition to Courtney Disch, Dodd's director of community affairs. The event was one of 100 presentations made across the country."