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MoveOn Press Release 8.27.02
Constituents Urge Congress to Put Brakes On Bush Administration's Rush to War

Meetings held in 50 states across the nation
Petition signed by over 100,000 in one week
August 27, 2002, a nonpartisan grassroots advocacy group, today announced constituent meetings across the nation and an online petition drive to highlight public concern over the Bush administration's aggressive promotion of a war in Iraq. More than 100,000 citizens have voiced their concern through a national petition drive. In addition, volunteer leaders in each state have arranged meetings at Senators offices on August 28th, to give constituents an opportunity to directly highlight the many key questions the administration has not addressed.

"The Bush White House is planning for war without the support of our allies and without the informed consent of Congress or the American people" said Wes Boyd, President of " is helping citizens throughout the nation demand that their representatives ask the hard questions and exercise their Constitutional responsibility."

Citizen comments can be directly viewed by state at

The kinds of questions asked by constituents but not yet answered by the Bush administration:

"Why don't our allies support a 'pre-emptive strike' on Iraq?"

"How will the U.S. avoid huge loss of life -- both American and Iraqi civilian?"

"Does the U.S. State Department support an attack on Iraq?"

"What impact will American action have on governments such as Jordan, Pakistan and Turkey?"

"How will Washington keep post-Saddam Iraq together and avoid a Balkanized outcome?"

"What kind of U.S. assistance - economic, political and military - can a new Iraqi government expect? Who will pay for Iraq's recovery - current estimates ranging from $50 to $150 billion?"

This grassroots feedback echoes and supports concern about Bush administration policy toward Iraq from figures from across the political spectrum -- including Henry Kissinger, Majority Leader Dick Armey, Former Secretary of State James Baker, and former NSC Advisor Brent Scowcroft.

About is committed to helping its members be effective, informed citizens, and to broadening participation to counter the influence of monied interests and partisan extremes. offers members a way to work together to be heard. The website, begun by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs Wes Boyd and Joan Blades, has inspired 500,000 Americans to lobby Congress.

For a local spokesperson in your area, a complete list of spokespeople in each state can be found at

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