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Press Release: Launch of Win Without War 12.11.02
Major Religious & Civic leaders To Launch

National Coalition To Oppose President.s Push for War with Iraq

Win Without War To Resist Bush Preemption of Peace Process


Leaders of major civic and faith organizations will gather in the nation.s capital next week to announce the creation of a new coalition in support of a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the crisis in Iraq.  The new group, Win Without War, represents millions of Americans and seeks to prevent bloodshed and loss of life on all sides by slowing the Bush Administration.s apparent rush to war so that U.N. Arms Inspectors have time to carry out their mission.  Win Without War leaders believe that security for Americans and our allies abroad can be achieved through aggressive inspections and sustained monitoring. They will pledge to continue and intensify the protests that begin next week in dozens of cities for as long as the Bush Administration presses for invasion of Iraq.

WHAT:       WIN WITHOUT WAR Press Conference

WHO:         Rev. Bob Edgar - Nat.l Council of Churches, General Secretary

Julian Bond . NAACP, Chairman of the Board

                    Terry O.Neill . NOW, Vice President for Membership

Larry Fahn . Sierra Club, Vice President for Conservation

Melissa Daar - Working Assets, State Political Manager        

Eli Pariser -, International Campaigns Director
WHEN:       10:30AM, Wednesday, December 11, 2002

WHERE:     J.W. Marriott Hotel, Russell Hart Room  

                   13th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW