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More International News / Opinion
International News & Opinion

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Bring the Troops Home Now!
Immediately Withdraw US troops from the Persian Gulf!
Stop the Bombing! Lift the sanctions!
For Notices of Antiwar Protests, go to
Local demonstration / Events (Minneapolis)

US Labor Against the War
USLAW web site has Links to other Antiwar coalitions

Labor Against War
Based in New York City (listserv, open archives)
News & Analysis

Iraq Occupation Quiz
by Doug Mann, April 11, 2003

Russian Defence Ministry Intelligence Information Pops Up on the Internet
From Izvestia - Liberation news, appended to Russian Intel update of 6 April 2003 (morning)

Russian Military Intelligence Reports about the war in Iraq
From Liberation News -- with link to the web site where the reports originated
25 March to 6 April 2003  --

The US command's press releases greatly understate the Iraqi military's defensive capacity, which may help to keep combat spirit among US soldiers high and bolster support for the war effort in the US. However, as the war progresses the clash of war propaganda with reality is certain to soften support and harden opposition to the war among the troops and the folks back home. According to a Russian Intelligence report of 29 March 2003,

"...The majority of [US] troops remain confident in their abilities, while maintaining belief in the superiority of their weapons and maintaining reasonable confidence in the way the war is being fought."

"It should be noted, however, that the way the war is being fought did create a certain sense of disappointment in most of the troops. Many are feeling that they've been lied to and are openly talking about the stupidity of the high command and its gross miscalculations. "Those star-covered Pentagon idiots promised us a victory march and flowers on the armor. What we got instead were those damned fanatics fighting for every dune and the sand squeaking in your ass!" said one of the wounded recuperating at a hospital in Rammstein."

Arundhati Roy on the War Against Iraq

Support US Troops, Bring Them Home Now!
Edited version of a Green Party press release dated 17 March 2003
By Doug Mann, 20 March 2003 -- the original statement is posted at

Global Labor Rejects an Iraq War
by David Bacon, ILC News (reprint), 19 Feb 2003

US ready to use Blix report as launchpad for Gulf war
Blix will say there is a prima facie case of breach against Iraq for testing the Samoud-2 missiles beyond the permitted 150km range, but that firing them an extra 33km [without a payload] is not significant, despite Tony Blair insisting yesterday that it was. Suzanne Goldenberg in Baghdad and Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian (UK), Friday February 14, 2003

British Union leaders warn of strikes over Iraq war
Leaders of 5 of Britain's largest Unions warn of massive strikes over Iraq war, demand recall of Trade Union Congress - The Guardian Staff and Agencies -- Monday, February 10, 2003

Union chiefs' war warning [United Kingdom]
Union leaders are calling for a special meeting of the Trade Union Congress to debate the Iraq crisis. Tory party is broadly supportive of the government's policy on Iraq. Liberal Democratic Party leader Charles Kennedy said "our case is a pro-UN case, not antiwar come what may." - BBC News, 10 February 2003

Blair-Powell UN Report Written by Student
By William Rivers Pitt, truthout, February 7, 2003

UK defends 'Copied' Iraq Dossier
BBC (UK) News, Friday 07 February 2003, 03:23 GMT
Reprinted at

Leaked [British Intelligence] Report Rejects Iraqi al-Qaeda Link
BBC, February 5th, 2003

US Claim Dismissed by Blix
Dan Plesch in New York, The Guardian UK, 05 Feb 2003

Cross-examining Colin
By William Rivers Pitt, truthout, 06 Feb  2003

Pilger: Blair is a Coward
William Russell, the great correspondent who reported the carnage of imperial wars, may have first used the expression "blood on his hands" to describe impeccable politicians who, at a safe distance, order the mass killing of ordinary people. : John Pilger :29 Jan 2003
Iraq War Propaganda
Bush's War Disinformation Campaign
by Doug Mann, 07 Feb 2003

Manufacturing Consent for Iraq War Plans
Why the Labor and Antiwar Movements Should Oppose the War Unconditionally The Bush administration's trick to manufacturing consent for the war is to frame the debate around the issue of how to deal with the 'Iraqi threat.'  That is the framework for the debate in the UN Security Council, the US Congress, and in the American and European press. The Bush administration's motives for going to war are not seriously questioned. It's sort of like the story about the emperors new clothes. Nobody dares to tell the emperor that he's not wearing any. - by Doug Mann, 10 Feb 2003

Did Saddam actually gas his own people?
1990 report says "no." A report by the U.S. Army War College released in the summer of 1990 contradicts US claim that Iraq gassed its own Kurdish civilians. - by Raju G.C. Thomas, Pulse of the Twin Cities, 12 Feb 2003
[Executive Summary by Doug Mann] The claim that Saddam gassed his own people is apparently based on interviews by Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffers with Kurdish refugees in Turkey, who reported a gas attack, but no evidence has been found to confirm that it happened.  Another incident, the March 1988 bombardment with chemical weapons of Halabjah, an Iraq-Kurdish city, was blamed on Iraq. However, the US Army War College found evidence that indicated the attack on Halabjah was actually carried out by Iran. The claim that Saddam ordered the chemical weapons attack on his own people was put forward by the first Bush administration as a justification for the 1991 Gulf War and the subsequent disarmament of Iraq. This unsubstantiated claim that Saddam gassed his own people was used again by President Clinton as a justification for further bombing of Iraq.     
Labor & the Anti War Movement
The Struggle Against the War & to Reclaim the Labour Party
The struggle against war is a struggle to reclaim the party -- Statement published by The LINK: Open Forum of Labour Party Members and Trade Unionists to Reclaim the Party (UK) -- Press Release - Monday, February 17th

Letter to Antiwar Activists
From: Daniel Gluckstein, ILC Coordinator, February 5, 2003
World-wide mass demonstrations planned for Feb 15 & 16

Labor Tuesday 2.4.03
New Labor Group Organizing Union Opposition to War
Is Sweeney Feeling The Heat Of  Rising Labor Antiwar Sentiment?
by Charles Walker

Opposition to war growing in the US
by David May, Socialist Appeal, February 5, 2003

Labor Against War
Mainstream Press Reports on USLAW
by Charles Walker, Labor Tuesday! 21 January 2003
Peace Sentiment Echoes Ever Louder in Cleveland Labor Movement
by Jerry Gordon, Labor Tuesday! 21 January 2003

Organized Labor Joining Anti War Movement
By Philip Dine, 01/15/2003, St. Louis Dispatch [Twin Cities Independent Media Center web site]

Trade Unionists Launch 'US Labor Against War'
by Bill Onasch, OWC Campaign News -- 12 January 2003
Antiwar Resolutions / Statements
US Labor Resolution Against the War
Adopted at Founding Conference of US Labor Against the War,  January 11, 2003 in Chicago, IL.

Labor Bodies Represented At USLAW Founding Conference
NYCLAW Report,  Jan 13, 2003

No New War Against Iraq
Resolution adopted by the San Francisco Labor Council (AFL-CIO) on August 26, 2002.

Black Radical Congress Opposes war Against Iraq
Press Release / Statement -- January 2003

Green Party Policy statement re US war against Iraq
Dated 9.20.2002 -- The Green Party clearly opposes "unilateral" military action by the Bush administration, unless it is approved by the UN security council.  

No Blood for Oil - Stop the War Against Iraq
Green Party Press release / Statement
The Antiwar Movement
Race-Baiting the Antiwar Movement
A response to "Open Letter To Activists Concerning Racism In the Antiwar Movement"
by Doug Mann, posted 25 Feb 2003

Anti-Antiwar Propaganda in the Liberal Press
Red baiting and demonizing unconditional opponents of war on Iraq, The Nation, Mother Jones, The New York Times - posted 13 Feb 2003

Letter to the Antiwar Movement
Redbaiters Oppose Our Unconditional “No” to War
by Fred Feldman, 25 Jan 2003, [link to] Labor Standard

Antiwar Lite?: MoveOn & the Win Without War Coalition
MoveOn, an internet fundraiser for the Democratic Party launched the Win Without War Coalition, which advocates a multilateral approach to disarming Saddam, opposes war against Iraq unless it is approved by the UN, implores Bush administration to "give weapon inspections a chance." - Material from the MoveOn Web site - posted 13 Feb 2003

Four Coalitions  Respond to Michael Lerner (The Organizer) Feb 12, 2003
Central Asia / Middle East
Achives: 9.11 and the War Against Afghanistan
Links/Information, including a debate over whether the war is justified

Demanding Democracy [in Israel]
Oread Daily -- 7 January 2003

Blood & Oil
A Middle East Primer for UE Members
Venezuela: Washington's Hand at Work
By Andreu Camps, ILC News -- 8 January 2003

 Venezuelan President Warns of Coup Attempt
By Scott Wilson, Washington Post Foreign Service

Venezuelan Workers Defy Rightist Oil Blockade
By Andy McInerney, Liberation News

Urgent Appeal to the international Labor Movement
The US embassy is helping to orchestrate efforts to overthrow the
government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  The situation there is
comparable to that facing the government of Salvador Allende in
Chile during 1973.
The Chavez government instituted reforms that greatly improved
living standards for the working class, and put the Chavez
government at odds with right-wing politicians and their friends
at the US Embassy. Last April top army officers arrested and
detained Chavez in a coup attempt that was foiled by mass
demonstrations of workers and the poor. More recently the
management of Venezuela's state-owned oil company went on
strike, dramatically cutting oil production and government revenues.
And now employers, with the support of some right-wing trade union
officials are staging what amounts to a lockout, which the mainstream
press is advertising as a "general strike."  
Please read, circulate, and obtain endorsements for the international
appeal to the labor movement entitled HANDS OFF VENEZUELA!  
[Resolution, updated endorsement list, sample letters]

Initial endorsements from labor bodies in the US:
ATU Division #788
St. Louis Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the Labor Party
[Originally posted on the laborpartyusa list, Dec. 19, 2002]
If you're happy and you know it bomb Iraq
A song by John Robbins

North Dakota found to be Harboring Nuclear Weapons (Comic relief)