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Letter to Antiwar Activists
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Paris, February 5th, 2003

From: Daniel Gluckstein
Coordinator of the International Liaison
Committee of Workers and Peoples

To: All organisations, workers and activists who took
part in the International Emergency Conference Against War
To all organisations, tendencies and individuals who supported it

Dear friends, dear comrades,

Today, February 5th, the UN Security Council is meeting to hear the
so called "proofs" presented by the Bush administration to justify
the launching of a murderous war against the Iraqi people, and beyond
them against the workers and peoples the world over, with
consequences which cannot be foreseen.

On January 26th, Andrew Cord, a top-ranking official in the White
House, went so far as to state that, "Washington does not exclude the
use of nuclear weapons."

All over the world, powerful mass demonstrations will take place on
February 15 and 16 in response to the call by the antiwar movement in
the USA. More demonstrators are expected than in any of the previous
coordinated days of action. In the United States, the newly formed US
Labor Committee Against War (USLAW) has just announced that it now
regroups trade unions representing over 4.5 million trade unionists.

On January 24th, we set up the Committee "International Labour
Movement Against war." We pledged to fight relentlessly against the
wave of military violence announced by Bush's administration. We are
fighting against it now, and we will continue steadfastly with this

But if the Bush administration -- with or without the support of the
UN -- were to decide to launch the war, should not all those
mobilising against this war, especially the labour organisations, put
the Bush administration on notice, declaring: "Mr. Bush, please be
informed that on the very day you launch an attack against Iraq, we
will demonstrate the world over in massive numbers in front of the
U.S. embassies and Consulates to demand: "STOP THE INTERVENTION,

Dear friends, is it possible to discuss this proposal widely now,
without delay, as we anticipate the possible course of the unfolding
events? Can we not take this proposal to our organisations, and even
more broadly to all labour and democratic organisations participating
in the fight against war?

Dear friends and comrades,
Fraternal greetings to all of you.

For the International Liaison
Committee of Workers and Peoples
Daniel Gluckstein