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September 11 and the War on Afghanistan
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September 11 and the War on Afghanistan

Stop the Bombing!   Support Our Troops: Bring Them Home Now!
27 October 2001.  Statement by Doug Mann, organizer of the Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC) Socialist Club. Link to MCTC Socialist Club page

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement on September 11 Attacks
27 September 2001

San Francisco Labor Council Statement on the Tragic Events of Sept. 11, 2001
24 September 2001

Black Radical Congress statement on 9.11
13 September 2001


- Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul: Is the war over? // by Alan Woods
  In Defense of Marxism  15 November 2001
In less than a week, Taliban forces have been swept from most of northern Afghanistan, including the key cities of Mazar-e-Sharif, Herat, Kunduz, Taloqan, Bamiyan, Jalalabad and the capital Kabul. The question is: How did a force that only two months ago controlled most of Afghanistan get swept
from the battlefield so quickly, and is the battle over?

The Fall of Kabul // By Alan Woods
In Defense of Marxism13 November 2001 Washington hoped that it would be able to hold back the NorthernAlliance's advance until it had succeeded in putting together a coalition of non-Talibanforces (read: American stooges) to take over the country. However, in war, events cannot be directed like an orchestra under the conductor's baton.

Pilger: There Is No War On Terrorism
Hidden Agendas 29 Oct 2001 There is no war on terrorism. If there was, the SAS would be storming the beaches of Florida

War Frenzy // by Sunera Thobani
Rabble (Canada) 24 October 2001

Pilger:This War is a Farce 29 October 2001  Another version of the same article can be found at
Hidden Agendas: the films and writings of John Pilger

The New War Against Terror // An Evening with Noam Chomsky
Z Net Transcribed from Audio recorded at The Technology and Culture Forum at MIT, October, 18, 2001

Week One: Operation Infinite Disaster // by Chris Kromm
Z Net 15 October 2001

 Operation Infinite Madness // by Rob Sewell   
In Defense of Marxism web site. 14 October 2001.

Into the Whirlwind - the First Week of the War in Afghanistan // by Alan Woods
In Defense of Marxism web site.   12 October 2001  

On The Brink // by Alan Woods
Youth For International Socialism Everything on a world scale is now subordinated to the perspective of war. The fact that the attack on Afghanistan (and other countries) has been delayed does not mean at all that the risk of hostilities has diminished. (October 3, 2001)

The First War of the 21st Century // by Alan Woods & Ted Grant
Youth For International Socialism Alan Woods and Ted Grant analyse in detail the perspectives for the so-called 'war against terrorism', the effects this will have in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, and strongly denounce the hypocrisy and double standards of Bush and US imperialism in general (September 21, 2001).

The New Great Game: Oil Politics in Central Asia // by Ted Rall 11 October 2001
The shortest route for a pipeline from oil-rich Kazakhstan out to sea would be through Afghanistan, which is why the U.S. is set on toppling the Taliban regime, argues this author.

The Algebra of Infinite Justice // by Arundhati Roy
Guardian Unlimited (London), Saturday, 29 September 2001.  

Afghanistan, bin Laden and the hypocrisy of American imperialism
Youth for International Socialism Pakistani Marxist Doctor Zayar explains the responsibility of US imperialism in bringing the Talibans to power, explains the current situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and makes an appeal to the American working class. Quetta, September 26, 2001.

Is the War in Afghanistan Justified? // by Doug Mann
Response to two arguments against demanding that the US stop the bombing and bring its troops home.

RAWA Statement on Bombing Calls for Uprising
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA). This item appeared in the ORead Daily, 18 October 2001

US Sanctions Against Iraq
Extract from ORead Daily, 10 October 2001

Students Say 'No' to War // Why War, and Why Now?
by Ed Felien and Alan Dale.  Pulse of the Twin Cities 10 October 2001

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA).

 Pakistan Trade Union Defence Campaign web site

Resources on 9/11 and the War on Afghanistan

September 11 Links & Info
The Nation

Debate: Is the US Waging a Just War?
Debate: Chomsky v Hitchens
The Nation articles by Chomsky and Hitchens

Against Rationalization // by Christopher Hitchens
The Nation 8 October 2001- Polemic against Chomsky et. al.

Of Sin, the Left, and Islamic Fascism // by Christopher Hitchens
The Nation 24 September 2001 -  A Reply to criticism of 'Against Rationalization'
Chomsky et. al. to Hitchens
Z Magazine - Replies to Hitchens from Albert, Ali, Chomsky, and Herman

Hitchens at War // by Tariq Ali
Counterpunch - 26 September 2001

For Rationalization -- of Imperial Violence // by Edward S. Herman
Z Magazine

Who Terrorizes? // by Herman & Peterson
Z Net 18 October 2001

What's So Complex About It? // Micheal Albert
Z Net

War Is Peace // Arundhati Roy

Five Arguments Against War // by Albert and Shalom
Z Net

A "Just War"?: A Critique of Richard Falk // by Stephen R. Shalom
Z Net  21 October 2001

Pilger: Guardian Apology on Hitchens
Hidden Agendas 04 October 2001