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International News & Opinion
Write-in "Doug Mann" for School Board
Another Option for Minneapolis School Board Voters (2004 General Election)
by Doug Mann, 29 Oct 2004, Submitted to the Star-Tribune for publication 28 Oct 2004

International News & Opinion
Bring the Troops Home Now!
End the Occupation of Iraq
Immediately Withdraw US troops from Iraq & the Persian Gulf!

Friday, Jan 2, 2004 New Years Plea From Greens:
End the Occupation of Iraq & Bring US Troops Home Stop the pillage & profiteering in Iraq by US corporations

Urgent appeal: US soldiers raid Iraqi trade union HQ 9 Dec 2003

Sorting It All Out
Principles, Strategy and Tactics For the Antiwar Movement
by Bill Onasch, March 21, 2003, from Labor Advocate Online

Iraqi Troops Aren't The Only Ones Surrendering
Liberals, Union Bureaucrats Run Up White Flag Without a Fight
by Bill Onasch, March 22, 2003, from Labor Advocate Online

Trade Unionists Launch 'US Labor Against War'
by Bill Onasch, OWC Campaign News -- 12 January 2003

Kansas City Labor says
"Support the troops--Bring them Home Now!"
20 March 2003 - from the Kansas City Labor Website

Staged "Liberation" media event?

Vandals of the 21st century
By Alan Woods, April 9, 2003  
Independent media reports indicate that residents of Baghdad are generally giving US troops something other than the warm welcome that is ordinarily extended to an army of liberation.  It is unclear at this time whether armed resistence to the American-British occupation will quickly die down.  And it should be noted that

"...The contracts for rebuilding what [the US and its allies] have torn down in Iraq were awarded to American construction companies many months ago. The oilfields, which they were quick to grab in the first days of the war, will be divided up among American oil corporations, who will kindly keep them "in trust" for the Iraqi people. The latter will get them back again - once all the bills have been paid. But this will take a long, long time. In the meantime, Iraq's considerable oil wealth will be entirely at the disposal of the Americans."

International Labor Statement Against War in Iraq
From US Labor Against the War web site

Press Conference Report
On 19 Feb 2003 Labor Organizations representing 130 million workers endorsed antiwar statement drafted by USLAW - from US Labor Against the War web site

House Members say "Give Weapons Inspections a Chance"
Published on January 25, 2003 by the Boston Globe, Susan Milligan, Globe Staff

WASHINGTON - More than a fourth of the House of Representatives, including at least two dozen Democrats who voted to authorize force against Iraq, are petitioning President Bush to let the weapons inspection process conclude before launching an attack.

Members of Congress and their aides said the congressional petitions, circulated and signed by Democrats, do not represent a fundamental weakening in support for the president's get-tough approach to President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. But -- To see the complete article (1046 words) you must use the Globe's Pay-to-view archives

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