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Minneapolis Branch Executive Committee met in special session
Subj:     NAACP branch EC met in special session, defied administrator
Date:     3/2/2005 6:39:39 PM Central Standard Time
From:     Socialist2001 (Doug Mann)

Eight members of the Minneapolis branch executive committee met in special session on February 25, 2005 in defiance of an order from the NAACP administrator to not meet.  All present consented to tape-recording the meeting. Minutes of the meeting and the written report approved there were mailed out to Branch EC members the following Monday.

The written report gave an overview of what was said at a February 8, 2005, meeting attended by 9 EC members, where a contract employee of the branch (from the Management Assistance Program) made an oral presentation of his findings based on a review of Minneapolis NAACP branch and Parent Information Center financial books and records. Documents including grant contracts, financial statements, meeting minutes and meeting announcements were also reviewed.

Four of the 8 executive committee members at the special EC meeting on February 25 placed themselves at the February 8, 2005 meeting. After the report was approved, one EC member declared, for the record, that an audio tape recording of the February 8 meeting exists, and that on a scale of 0-100, the quality of the tape would be an "85."

The special EC meeting on Feb. 25 was called because a written report about the February 8 meeting was not prepared for the full executive committee on Feb. 11 and branch membership meeting on Feb. 12.  

At the Feb. 8 meeting, the MAP consultant presented findings of fact, and stated that an outside audit of the branch and PIC books was required by state and federal laws. The branch membership has also passed motions instructing the branch executive committee to get an outside audit done. Carl Breeding, the NAACP administrator had the authority to get the audit done without the cooperation of the outgoing executive committee at anytime during the past year. And at the Feb 11 EC meeting Mr. Breeding stated that an outside audit is not needed.  

The Minneapolis NAACP branch EC also approved the following 2 motions:
1) To instruct the branch president to see that all branch and PIC records are available for review by EC members at the branch office on March 4, 2005, at 7:00 PM.  
2) To instruct the branch president to call a special branch membership meeting on Saturday, March 12, 2005, at 10:00 AM to address the issue of noncompliance with findings of the Management Assistance Program consultant (presented to a meeting of EC members on February 8, 2005).

Third Vice-president Zach Montoyer was the only branch officer to attend the special EC meeting on Feb. 25, 2005. Five of 8 EC members at-large elected by the membership were also present.

Officers missing in action: President Duane Reed, 1st VP Rev. Mary Flowers-Spratt, 2nd VP Booker Hodges, Treasurer Jesse Overton, Secretary Petunya Cofield-Flowers, and Assistant Secretary Trelisa McCray  

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-Doug Mann, King Field