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Special NAACP meeting agenda proposal
Subj:     [mpls] special NAACP meeting, agenda proposal
Date:     2/22/2005 5:27:02 PM Central Standard Time
From:     Socialist2001

[Below is the text of a letter to members of the executive committee of the Minneapolis NAACP branch. Since the meeting was not called as a closed meeting, it should be open to members of the NAACP (bring your membership cards), who may observe, but not participate (unless the executive committee opens the floor for discussion to those who are not on the executive committee).]
To members of the executive committee
Minneapolis NAACP branch

Proposed Agenda for
special meeting of the NAACP Executive Committee
February 25, 2005
7:00 PM
Zion Baptist Church (621 Elwood)

1. Written report(s) about Feb. 8, 2005 meeting of executive committee members, who received an oral report from the branch's Management Assistance Program consultant concerning the status of the financial books & records of the Minneapolis NAACP branch and the NAACP Parent Information Centers.

2. Adjournment

I plan to bring copies of all contracts entered into with the state of MN by the NAACP Parent Information Centers and Minneapolis Parent Information Centers (It's all classified as "public information")

-Doug Mann, 22 Feb. 2005  

notice of special executive committee meeting originally mailed Saturday, Feb. 19, 2005

Email of 21 Feb 2005 from Carl Breeding with 22 Feb 2005 response by Doug Mann

Posts to Minneapolis Issues list (e-democracy project): [Mpls] NAACP branch treasurer promised "no secrets" & [Mpls] NAACP branch president promised to "open the books."

-Doug Mann, King Field