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The Antiwar Movement
International News & Opinion
The Antiwar Movement
Race-Baiting the Antiwar Movement
A response to "Open Letter To Activists Concerning Racism In the Antiwar Movement"
by Doug Mann, posted 25 Feb 2003
Keeping Us on the Liberal Plantation
A political strategy designed to keep the 'Peace and Justice' movements on the Liberal Plantation

Anti-Antiwar Propaganda in the Liberal Press
Red baiting and demonizing unconditional opponents of war on Iraq, The Nation, Mother Jones, The New York Times - posted 13 Feb 2003

Letter to the Antiwar Movement
Redbaiters Oppose Our Unconditional “No” to War
by Fred Feldman, 25 Jan 2003, [link to] Labor Standard

Antiwar Lite?: MoveOn & the Win Without War Coalition
MoveOn, an internet fundraiser for the Democratic Party launched the Win Without War Coalition, which advocates a multilateral approach to disarming Saddam, opposes war against Iraq unless it is approved by the UN, implores Bush administration to "give weapon inspections a chance." - Material from the MoveOn Web site - posted 13 Feb 2003

Four Coalitions  Respond to Michael Lerner (The Organizer) Feb 12, 2003