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Minneapolis NAACP officers cut a deal, bypass Executive Committee
Subj:     NAACP officers cut a deal, bypass Executive Committee
Date:     3/12/2005 7:48:45 PM Central Standard Time
From:     Socialist2001 (Doug Mann)

Below is the text of a letter from Duane Reed, Minneapolis NAACP branch president to Ms. Marceline Dubose, Department of Education, project manager for the Parent Information Centers.  
[On Minneapolis NAACP Branch letterhead]
March 5, 2005

Ms. Marceline Dubose
Minnesota Department of Education
1500 Highway 36 West
Roseville, Minnesota 55113

Dear Ms. Dubose:

Thank you and Mr. Brown for all your time in meetings and phone calls to clarify "all requirements" necessary to close out the NAACP - Parent Information Center (PIC) grant with the Department of Education, State of Minnesota. We appreciate the State authorizing funds to be spent for a program audit of the NAACP-PIC and the purchase buyout of the two copiers, so we can proceed with the final steps in preparation of the final report and reimbursement of cash balance.

We anticipate the time line as follows:
-Approval by Mr. Carl Breeding, NAACP National Level 2 Administrator of audit firm to conduct the NAACP/PIC audit by March 8, 2005.
-Pay off Copier lease by March 8, 2005.
-Have Program and Financial narrative complete and submitted to Mr. Breeding for his approval by March 15, 2005.
-Return Balance of net funds to the Department of Education by March 15, 2005
-Have you and Mr. Brown conduct an information session with NAACP membership upon completion of the audit.
-Have completed audit, then reviewed by Mr. Breeding and present to the executive committee and membership of the Minneapolis NAACP.
-Complete closure of NAACP-PIC obligation with the State of Minnesota upon completion of the above schedule
***The above time schedule is contingent on the audit schedule and Mr. Breeding review and approval.

Finally, the only persons authorized to represent the Minneapolis NAACP/PIC in this closure matter are Carl Breeding, Duane Reed and Jessie Overton.


Duane K. Reed
President, Minneapolis NAACP

Cc: Carl Breeding, Jesse Overton, Morgan Brown, Mpls NAACP Executive Committee.
-Doug Mann, King Field