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The Smoking Gun: 2004 year end NAACP PIC report
Subj:     The Smoking Gun: 2004 year end PIC report
Date:     3/9/2005 7:01:51 AM Central Standard Time
From:     Socialist2001 (Doug Mann)

The 2004 Year end NAACP PIC report shows that Minneapolis NAACP branch administrator Carl Breeding assisted the Minneapolis Parent Information Centers Inc. to fraudulently obtain a $400,000 state grant contract, as I will show:

(1) On Tuesday, February 8, 2005, at a meeting attended by 9 members of the Minneapolis NAACP Branch Executive Committee, an NAACP member not on the EC, and Mr. Jamal, a contract employee of the branch:

Branch Treasurer Jesse Overton distributed copies of a letter dated 31 January 2005 from Parent Information Centers Board Chair Beverly Propes to the State's project manager, Marceline Dubois; and Mr. Jamal orally presented his findings based on a review of the financial books and other records of the Minneapolis NAACP Branch and Parent Information Centers. (see Report to special meeting of the Minneapolis Executive Committee on February 25, 2005)

(2) The Minneapolis NAACP branch membership meeting minutes for August, September, October, and November [2004] show that no reports were given and no action was taken by the Branch membership in relation to the NAACP PIC. [There was a written PIC report by Beverly Propes submitted to the General membership which did not mention any plans to spin off the NAACP PIC. The full text of the Oct 2004 is included in the report prepared for the special executive committee meeting of March 17, 2005]

(3) At a meeting advertised as an annual NAACP membership meeting on December 11, 2004 Beverly Propes was introduced as chair of the Minneapolis Branch Education Committee, gave an oral report, and introduced a resolution for approval stating that the Minneapolis NAACP branch supports spinning off the Parent Information Centers and transferring the state grant for the NAACP PIC to the newly incorporated PIC.

(4) In her oral report at the December 11 meeting, Ms. Propes failed to disclose the following information: Her status as PIC Inc. board chair, that a $400,000 state grant was at stake, that the decision to spin off the PIC was made in August, that the PIC's application for incorporation as a 501(c)3 was approved by the State on October 22, 2004, that application for a $400,000 grant was submitted on November 30, 2005, and that Mr. Carl Breeding was in charge of the NAACP PIC during the period from August to December 2004.   

In light of the above facts, the letter of January 31, 2005, from Propes to Dubois shows that Mr. Carl Breeding [and the outgoing branch executive committee] concealed information about the PIC project from NAACP branch members, and in conjunction with Ms. Beverly Propes, conspired to fraudulently secure a $400,000 state grant contract for the Parent Information Centers Inc. The state's project manager, Ms. Dubois, knew that the PIC incorporation and application for the $400,00 state grant contract was approved after the fact.

-Doug Mann, King Field