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ARGJ & Challenging White Supremacy Workshops / Tides Center
Anti-Racism for Global Justice (ARGJ) & Challenging White Supremacy Workshops

Anti-Racism for Global Justice (ARGJ) was started in 2000 by a younger generation of white anti-racist organizers. We came out of the movements for global justice that rocked the WTO in Seattle and are actively involved in the growing anti-war movement. We were inspired by Elizabeth ‘Betita’ Martinez's highly influential essay “Where was the Color in Seattle?” which highlighted the need for white activists to examine racism and how it affects our organizing.

Over the past two years, we have led over 50 workshops for primarily white social justice activists around the country. In our trainings, more than 1600 participants have looked at histories of racism, explored how racism operates today and developed strategies for strengthening their own anti-racist organizing. Our four and five hour workshops use interactive exercises and participitory learning to develop analysis and skills for liberation.

In addition to political education, we prioritize long-term work with groups and activists to develop leadership and expand organizing skills, support organizational transformation, and increase our capacity to work for justice. We work with national student networks like the STARC Alliance (Students Transforming and Resisting Corporaations) and United Students Against Sweatshops. We work with other training organizations like the Ruckus Society and Active Solidarity to develop skill, analysis, and leadership in the global justice movement. If you would like to have a workshop with your organization or in your community, you can reach us at:

More About Tides Center

For more than twenty years, Tides Center has been working with new and emerging charitable organizations who share our mission of striving for positive social change.

Tides Center looks to provide a fiscal home and infrastructure support to charitable initiatives that are not incorporated as a nonprofit organization. As a nonprofit itself, Tides Center is the incorporated structure for Tides Projects.

By providing these infrastructure services--such as payroll, insurance, human resources, etc.--Tides Center enables organizations to dedicate the majority of their energy to program work. For start-up or newly established groups this arrangement provides convenience, peace of mind and in most cases a cost savings. It also allows newly formed nonprofits to establish a crucial track record of programmatic activity for funders and the public at large.

Tides History
Tides Center began working with promising charitable initiatives in 1979 as the Projects Program of Tides Foundation. In 1996, this program became Tides Center, an independent nonprofit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

In 1999, Tides Center served as the home for approximately 350 projects staffed by nearly 600 employees working in 40 states. Tides Center currently manages $50 million dollars for its projects.

Tides Center is part of the Tides family of organizations--a group of nonprofit organizations linked by a commitment to positive social change, innovation, and environmental sustainability. The Tides family--which includes Tides Center, Tides Foundation, Thoreau Center for Sustainability, and as partners, sharing ideas, technical systems, and an office complex.
Tides Center Board of Directors

Drummond Pike, President
Drummond Pike is the President of the Tides Foundation and Tides Center. He is also President of Highwater, Inc., a real estate venture and historic preservation in the San Francisco Presidio National Park. Mr. Pike was a founder and Associate Director of the Youth Project in Washington, DC, and served as Executive Director of the Shalan Foundation in San Francisco from 1976 to 1981.

Wade Rathke, Chair
Wade Rathke is the President of the New Orleans-based Local 100 of the Service Employees Union of America, AFL-CIO. He is also the founder and chief organizer of ACORN, a national network of community organizations representing the interests of low- and moderate-income people.

Lawrence Litvak, Treasurer
Lawrence (Larry) Litvak has been part of the management team at Working Assets since 1994. Working Assets is a socially progressive long distance, credit card, and Internet services company. Before joining Working Assets, Larry co-managed $3.2 billion in assets as a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager for the U.S. Trust Company of Boston. He also worked as a lead consultant at Community Economics Inc., designing venture capital, business lending and mortgage initiatives. While there he authored the book, Pension Funds and Economic Renewal, a follow up to his previously published, Innovations in Development Finance. Larry graduated with honors from Stanford University, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in economics. He earned a master's degree in public policy from the Kennedy School of Management at Harvard University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Jonah Martin Edelman, Director
Jonah has an undergraduate degree in History and African-American Studies from Yale University and Master's and Doctor of Philosophy degree in Politics. After graduation, he got involved in Stand For Children where he currently holds the position of an Executive Director. Jonah has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, CSPAN, BET, and Good Morning America and has been featured in numerous publications, including People Magazine and Parade Magazine.

Noa Emmett Aluli, Director
Noa Emmett Aluli is a Native Hawaiian physician on Moloka'i and a long time activist for the preservation of Hawaiian culture and beliefs, the preservation of historical sites, and environmental integrity. He serves as a member of a number of organizations pursuing this work, including Ke Ku'aina Hanauna Hou, the Pele Defense Fund and the Protect Kaho'olawe Fund. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Kaho'olawe Island Reserve Commission, the State agency overseeing the clean-up and restoration of Kaho'olawe.

Stephanie J. Clohesy, Secretary
Stephanie J. Clohesy is a public service leader with experience in public policy, women's rights, citizen participation/democratization, organizational and leadership development for the U.S. and international non profit sectors. Currently an independent consultant, she specializes in providing strategic organizational and program planning and development.

Ellen Friedman, Director
Ellen Friedman is the Vice-President of the Tides Center and the Tides Foundation. Prior to her tenure at the Tides Foundation, Ms. Friedman was a Program Associate at the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation where she developed and implemented grantmaking programs in the areas of family violence and pre-collegiate public education. Ms. Friedman has participated as a Board member in organizational change efforts, including the Family Violence Prevention Fund and Women and Philanthropy.

Martha Jiménez, Director
Martha Jiménez is the Assistant Director for Equal Opportunity for the Rockefeller Foundation West Coast Office in San Francisco, California. Before joining the Rockefeller Foundation, she served as Regional Director of MALDEF, Executive Director of the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, and Managing Attorney for Public Advocates. Martha is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and the University of California's Bolt School of Law where she served as co-editor-in-chief of La Raza Law Journal.