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Tides Statement for Peace
February 7, 2003
A Statement for Peace from
The Tides Family of Organizations
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The Tides Family of Organizations strongly supports current diplomatic and grassroots efforts to dissuade the United States from launching preemptive military actions against a sovereign nation.

In the wake of September 11, 2001, the current administration has had the responsibility to respond to the worst acts of terrorism in United States history. Unfortunately, that response has come in the form of draconian rollbacks of fundamental civil liberties, the dismantling of privacy protections, poorly managed and inflammatory immigration policies and a steady flow of saber-rattling rhetoric. Now we face an imminent yet ill-defined and unprovoked military strike against Iraq.

We cannot stand idly by while this administration picks and chooses enemies of convenience against whom they can wage an unprovoked and internationally condemned war in our name. And we cannot allow the abused notion of patriotism to be used as an enemy of critical thought and a muzzle on free speech. This rush to war is also a dangerous distraction from pressing domestic concerns, such as the flagging economy, consistent rollbacks of environmental protections and the continuing health care crisis.

Any argument for war must be unequivocal and startling. Yet, as evidenced by opposition from political and cultural leaders across the globe and by worldwide anti-war demonstrations in recent weeks, the arguments that have been given are thin, dubious and lacking incontrovertible truth.

But there is still hope.
There is great global consensus on the threats facing the world today. There is a great opportunity still to work with international partners on developing effective alternatives to war. Over the past year, groups such as September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows,, and Peace Action Education Fund have been working on these issues, demonstrating that practical, cooperative international efforts are a viable response and that public pressure can have a positive impact on world events.

Toward this end, Tides Foundation announces the Peaceful Strategies Fund, which will support media advocacy, grassroots organizing and public education efforts that promote just and peaceful resolutions to the current international crises.

We invite you to find out more here about this fund, the critical efforts by our partners in the past months and how you can become involved.

Yours in hopes of Peace,
The Tides Family of Organizations

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