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MCTC Socialist Club
The MCTC Socialist Club will soon have its own web site
The socialist club at Minneapolis Community and Technical College will soon have its own web site, according to the faculty advisor.  A Link to the MCTC web site will be provided here as soon as possible
Socialist Club Page (last updated in 2002):
Join the Socialist Club  
MTCT Socialist Club meetings are open to everyone.  You don't have to be a card-carrying socialist to attend.  There are no formal membership requirements.  See recent Socialist Club Events  
How Socialist Club meetings are run:
A small group discussion format is usually followed. One person gives a short presentation (3 to 5 minutes), then everyone speaks in turn.  No one should speak a second time until everyone has a chance to speak once, including the presenter. A topic and a presenter for the next meeting are ordinarily selected near the end of each meeting.
For More Information send a note via e-mail:  or call 612-822-3776.
CIA Recruiters on Campus (Public Service Announcement)
Next Meeting
What is Socialism?
14 February 2002
10:30 AM
Hellend Center, Room 106  
For more information about the war in Afghanistan:
September 11 and the War on Afghanistan
Links/Information, including a debate over whether the war is justified

Calendar of Antiwar Events
Gleaned from David Shove's Progressive Calendar and other sources
Socialist Links
Workers International League

Marxist Theory
In Defense of Marxism web site.  Articles and books published on-line, including writings about the role of the US as world cop in the post-cold war era, nationalism, and religion.  
Lessons of October // by Leon Trotsky
Additional Socialist Links will be added soon. This page last updated Thursday, 07 November 2002