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Evelyn Eubanks // Minneapolis School Board
On Tuesday, November 6, vote for:

Evelyn Eubanks // Minneapolis School Board

Evelyn Eubanks, a founding member and co-chair of the Minneapolis Parents Union, is a highly qualified and uncompromising leader of the fight for a quality public education for all children.

Ms. Eubanks has frequent contact with parents, teachers and administrators as a volunteer parent advocate; and served as president of the North High Parent-Teacher Organization, Lincoln Elementary School PTO, and the citywide PTO.

Ms. Eubanks was involved with school governance for many years through participation in site-based management teams, task forces, and advisory committees, but had to pull most of her own children out of the public school system and home school them.

What's at Issue?

Every child who attends the Minneapolis Public Schools is entitled to an education that prepares them for college. That's what most parents want.

*However, about 75% of all students in the Minneapolis Public Schools are excluded from college preparatory curriculum programs.

*For the class of 1998, the high school drop-out/push out rate was 50%.

*About 90% of African-American students are excluded from college preparatory programs, nearly 1/4 are diagnosed with emotional-behavorial disorders and assigned to special education programs, and fewer than 1/3 finish high school on time.

(Source: MN Department of Children, Families, and Learning // Minneapolis Public Schools data).

The Minneapolis School Board says the schools are doing a good job of serving a diverse student population, and blames poverty and a culture of poverty for its failure to educate most students.

However, there are institutional (school-based) causes of poor student performance and emotional/behavioral problems that the Board can do something about, such as the practice of ability-grouping/tracking students, incoherent curricula, and a high concentration of inexperienced teachers at schools that serve poor neighborhoods.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001
Eubanks for School Board Committee
2410 Ferrant Place North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411
Phone: (612) 521-3688
Web Site: Out of order, repairs pending
E-mail: [Evelyn Eubanks] [Doug Mann, Treasurer]
Contact information for the campaign manager and volunteer coordinator will be posted soon.

Funds are needed to pay for flyers (2,002 flyers cost $48.21), lawn signs, and other expenses. To run a serious campaign we will need to raise at least $1,000 just to pay for flyers.  Send a check or money order payable to "Eubanks for School Board" to the Eubanks for School Board Committee; 2410 Ferrant Place North; Minneapolis, MN 55411

Campaign finance laws limit financial contributions to $500 per individual, $1,000 per married couple. Disclosure laws require campaign committees to reveal the names of individual contributors who donate more than $50, and married couples who donate more than $100.