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Topic: Identity Politics

On Reparations
by Adolph Reed, originally published in the Progressive magazine (December 2000) and reprinted by People's Tribune/Tribuno del Pueblo Vol. 29 No. 6/ June, 2002

[Extract from] Oppression Minnesota-style:
How Minnesotans maintain white supremacy and segregation by keeping the 'right' Blacks in charge -- News analysis by Karl B. Johnson, Spokesman-Recorder Jan 9-15, 2003. -- Quoting passages from Ron Edward's book, The Minneapolis story (Click for more information), Karl B. Johnson writes...
"Reverse racism" cuts both ways
By Doug Mann, 16 October 2003
[Post to the mpls issues list] In the Sunday Star-Tribune, editor Jim Boyd complained about "reverse racism" as a factor in motivating opposition to the Jennings appointment.  But the Star-Tribune has never complained about "reverse racism" when it served to stifle dissent and paralyze opposition to the status quo.

Spin Control on Jennings Withdrawal
By Doug Mann, 17 October 2003
City Pages education beat reporter, Britt Robson, makes race THE issue in his article "white meat." -- Give that man a job at the Strib!

It's About the Public Input, Stupid! (Link to
Why Minneapolis School Leaders Need to Listen to Public Input and why
Reverse Racism is NOT the issue!
These articles [are] by Doug Mann, with editing for clarity and length by Dr. Vinny.
PART I -- Reverse Racism is Not the Issue!
The coalition of groups and individuals that came together in opposition to the
appointment of David Jennings is calling for "...a more open process that includes input from the community..." [Jennings Withdraws, Insight News, October 15, 2003]

Race-Baiting the Antiwar Movement
A response to "Open Letter To Activists Concerning Racism In the Antiwar Movement"
by Doug Mann, posted 25 Feb 2003
Keeping Us on the Liberal Plantation
The politics of racial identity, by Doug Mann, 27 Feb 2003
A political strategy designed to keep the 'Peace and Justice' movements on the Liberal Plantation