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Topic: Minneapolis NAACP

Mpls NAACP branch faces Hostile Takeover Bid  
By Doug Mann, Pulse of the Twin Cities   10-16 March 1999

Our view: NAACPís Minneapolis branch must embrace reform
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Originally posted 10/17/2003

"...There are four major actions we believe the branch must take to restore its capacity to effectively advocate for the cityís communities of color:
1) Let the general membership elect all officers...
2) Conduct branch business in an open, democratic fashion. The elitist, authoritarian style of recent leadership has relied on police to eject dissident members and resorted to armed guards for maintaining order at meetings. Secrecy, a defining characteristic of police states, has come to characterize branch operations...
3) Open the books...
4) Act on community issues. By this we donít mean holding social events, attending conventions, and signing on as cosponsors of actions initiated by others, which seem to be all the branch has accomplished under recent leadership..."

Minneapolis NAACP branch treasurer promised "no secrets"
Post to Minneapolis Issues list by Doug Mann, 19  February 2005

Minneapolis NAACP branch president promised to "open the books"
Post to Minneapolis Issues list by Doug Mann, 19  February 2005

Open Letter to Julian Bond re: Minnneapolis NAACP branch
By Doug Mann, NAACP life member, Executive Committee member-at-large, Minneapolis NAACP branch, 9 March 2005

Breeding, Overton and Reed must go
Report prepared for (and approved by) the March 17, 2005 Special Meeting
of the Minneapolis NAACP Branch Executive Committee
by Doug Mann, 16 March 2005

Minneapolis NAACP hits the fan
Investigative reports, February 15-March 26, 2005
A faked Minneapolis NAACP branch membership meeting, conflicts of interests,
another rigged election of Minneapolis NAACP branch officers, and a quid pro quo. It appears that the newly installed branch officers struck a bargain through a power-broker, and were not fully informed about the terms of the bargain at the outset. Includes: Anatomy of a Cover-up and
Minneapolis NAACP Parents Information Centers hit the fan

Minneapolis NAACP hits the fan - #2
Minneapolis NAACP branch audit & hidden records, Did the NAACP make an $85,000 loan for investment in grocery stores without an agreement to repay?

Hollman Achives Hollman Consent Decree Hits the Fan
The City, Legal Aid, and the NAACP stuck to their game plan: Support motions in court that could save the City millions at Hollman plaintiff's expense.  A special NAACP branch membership meeting on October 8, 2003 unanimously passed a motion to not support any motions by the city's attorneys. The NAACP also withdrew from the Hollman, housing discrimination lawsuit on October 15, 2003.