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NAACP Parent Information Center 2004 year end report
Subj:     NAACP Parent Information Centers 2004 year end report
Date:     3/8/2005 7:49:30 PM Central Standard Time
From:     Socialist2001

Below is the text of a letter from PIC board chair Beverly Propes to project manager Marceline Dubose (MN department of Education), dated January 31, 2005.
January 31, 2005

Marceline Dubose
Office of Choice and Innovation
1500 Highway #36 West
Roseville, MN 55113

Dear Ms. Dubose:

RE: Minneapolis NAACP Parent Information Centers 2004 Year end report

In the third quarter report, the Parent Information Steering Committee reported plans for spinning off from the Minneapolis Branch NAACP and establishing the Minneapolis Parent Information Centers Inc. As you are aware since the resignation of Ms. LaRue Fields, in June 2004, the Steering Committee determined the critical need for clarification of the role, responsibility and relationship between the Minneapolis Branch and the PIC.

In August, the PIC Steering Committee held a retreat, met with Mr. Carl Breeding, National NAACP administrator, and you to clarify a direction for the PIC that would foster the mutual goal to provide school choice for Minneapolis families. At the August Minneapolis NAACP executive committee meeting, a report was presented to the executive committee members that the PIC was exploring establishing 501C3 status. Though there were several questions raised, there was also encouragement expressed and agreement that the NAACP advocated for civil rights not social services.

In September, the PIC committee work commenced to establish 501C3 status, and to develop a new proposal for 2005 state funding as the Minneapolis Parent Information Centers', Inc. In October a new governing structure for the PIC was approved and Development, Program/Evaluation and Personnel committees were formed to facilitate and advance the work for development of the new entity. Mr. Carl L. Breeding, Administrator was briefed weekly of PIC activities and written activity reports were provided to the executive committee at their monthly meetings in September and October.

On October 22, 2004, the state approved the 501C3 application for the Minneapolis Parent Information Centers' Inc.!!!! By November 30, 2004 a new program plan and budget was submitted to the Office of Choice and Innovation.

On December 9, 2004 at the Minneapolis NAACP executive committee meeting a resolution to spin off the PIC from the Minneapolis Branch was presented and accepted.

Revisions recommended by the committee were made and the final resolution was presented as part of the 2005 NAACP officer installation on December 10, 2004. The resolution was approved pending two actions:

1) Provide a copy of the 2003-2004 Minneapolis NAACP Parent Information Centers' audit.

2) Conduct a Parent Information Centers' meeting with the state, and the PIC committee.

A copy of the audit was provided and as you are aware there have been several attempts to schedule an informational meeting. I understand that there will now be a meeting with your Office, Minneapolis branch President Reed, and Mr. Overton, Minneapolis branch Treasurer.

Effective February 1, 2005, the Minneapolis Parent Information Centers, Inc. will vacant the Sabathani Office suite #136. Our phones will roll over to the north side office until we find suitable space in south Minneapolis.

Attached find, December 31, 2004 expense and budget statements and inventory of equipment for both PIC offices.

If I can be of additional assistance, please advise.


Beverly P. Propes, Chair
Minneapolis Parent Information Centers', Inc.
-Doug Mann, King Field
Member-at-large, Minneapolis NAACP executive committee