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Why fake an NAACP branch membership meeting?
Subj:     Why fake an NAACP branch membership meeting?
Date:     2/24/2005 6:41:53 AM Central Standard Time
From:     Doug Mann

The swearing in ceremony for officers-elect of the Minneapolis NAACP branch on December 11, 2004 was advertised as an "Annual Meeting of the Minneapolis Branch NAACP" However, it was not an NAACP membership meeting. The president and other officers of the Minneapolis NAACP branch were not present. James Everett was the branch president until December 31, 2004.

Another curious thing about this alleged branch membership meeting was that Carl Breeding, not an officer of the branch but branch administrator and administrator for the Minneapolis NAACP Parent Information Centers, was clearly in charge of the event. Control of the Minneapolis Parent information Centers passed from the control of the Minneapolis branch president to the branch administrator, Carl Breeding, during 2004. Brett Buckner sign the year two contract (Jan. 1 to Sept. 30, 2004) on December 23, 2003, and Carl Breeding signed the amendment to the grant contract, in force from October 1 to December 31, 2004.

The swearing in ceremony for Minneapolis NAACP branch officers on December 11, 2004 was advertised as a membership meeting. Mr. Duane Reed, who was not yet an officer of the branch, [chaired the meeting].

A resolution stating that the branch approved of the decision to spin-off the Parent Information Centers was introduced by Beverly Propes, who was not only the chair of the NAACP education committee and a member of the outgoing executive committee, but also chair of the Minneapolis Parents Information Center. (Ms. Propes, chair of the Minneapolis Parent Information Center, signed a contract with the state of Minnesota for a grant in the amount of $400,000 on December 19, 2004)  

The Minutes of the alleged annual NAACP branch membership meeting were taken by Karen Blanchard, a member of Beverly Propes' the education committee.

Carl Breeding also organized a meeting on Friday, December 10, 2004 that was advertised as a training session for newly elected branch officers and executive committee members, but it was actually a meeting about the Minneapolis Parent Information Centers. Some of the participants refer to it as "an executive committee" meeting. But it was a bogus executive committee meeting. Most of the branch's officers and executive committee members stayed away from that meeting. The outgoing executive committee didn't formally approve of the spin-off of the NAACP PIC. The incoming branch executive committee members did not have the authority to take any action.

The decision to cut the parent information centers loose from the NAACP was, in reality, made at an NAACP PIC retreat in August. The Minneapolis Parent Information Center that currently does business at 2000 Plymouth Avenue North (Urban League) was incorporated in October 2004. The Minneapolis NAACP branch membership has never received a report about that.

The Minneapolis NAACP branch membership has, to date, never been informed or provided with information about the finances of the NAACP Parent Information Centers by Carl Breeding or any officers of the Minneapolis NAACP branch.

The budget submitted by the NAACP PIC to the state (part of attachment A of the contract, which is public information), shows that the NAACP was to be reimbursed in the amount of $11,000 for administrative services during a period running from January 1, 2004, to September 30, 2004. Was this reimbursement for administrative services performed by Carl Breeding?

The NAACP PIC budget for January 1 to September 30, 2004 also included $36,000 for office space / utilities (which were shared with the branch). According to the branch treasurers report of Feb. 11, 2005, for the year ending December 31, 2004 the NAACP branch paid rent in the amount of $2,460.66 (two thousand four hundred sixty dollars and sixty-six cents) and facility maintenance in the amount of $222.97 (two hundred twenty-two dollars and ninety-seven cents).  Rent at the Sabathani office of the NAACP / NAACP Parent Information Centers has been less than $900 (nine hundred dollars) per month. Rent at the Northside NAACP / NAACP PIC office has never been disclosed to the branch. Did the NAACP branch have a lease with the owner of the building that housed its office, the Minneapolis Urban League? Or was the branch subletting from the building's other tenant, Hassan and Reed?

The Minneapolis NAACP branch membership has repeatedly demanded an audit of the NAACP and NAACP PIC books, and since his appointment as branch administrator, Carl Breeding has had the authority to get the audit done, and until recently the branch and NAACP PIC had the funds on hand needed for an outside audit. And MN law requires an outside audit.
-Doug Mann, King Field
Minneapolis NAACP branch executive committee member at large