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NAACP branch president promised to "open the books"   |   NAACP branch treasurer promised "no secrets"
NAACP branch treasurer promised "no secrets"
Subj:     NAACP branch treasurer promised "no secrets"
Date:     2/19/2005 7:59:49 AM Central Standard Time
From:     Socialist2001 (Doug Mann)
To: (Minneapolis Issues, an e-democracy listserv)

Mpls NAACP candidate for treasurer promises ‘no secrets’
By: Isaac Peterson, III
Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Originally posted 11/17/2004

Jesse Overton shares his views on branch reform

We recently obtained a partial accounting of the state of the Minneapolis NAACP’s finances, provided to members by Administrator Carl Breeding.

Following are the comments of Jesse Overton concerning his candidacy for Minneapolis Branch treasurer, Breeding’s report, and his views on the Minneapolis Branch’s future.

“The branch members requested of Mr. Breeding that he come back to us in the September meeting with a list of all the expenditures that were outstanding, because the branch wasn’t aware of some of the issues that were out there. To be more specific, the branch was not aware of some of the things that had been contracted for without branch approval.

“Fortunately, the membership has been fighting along with others to disclose these matters. I’m very encouraged that the National [NAACP], through the leadership of Mr. Breeding, has come in and helped the branch to bring these things to light so we can deal with them."

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Doug Mann, King Field