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2004 US Presidential Election & Iraq War   |   Statement Against Iraq Occupation, Green-Rainbow Party   |   The Avocado Delaration   |   The Avocado Declaration, Part Two   |   For a green presidential campaign in 2004   |   Kuchinich's Peculiar Strategy   |   Don't Stop Now: Let's Go For It!   |   THE RECALL   |   This is Not Just “Bush’s War”   |   Will Labor's Anti-War Movement Survive the 2004 Elections   |   US Labor Against the War: Defeat Bush at any Cost   |   Labor's Antiwar Movement   |   Messsage from US Labor Against War
2004 US Presidential Election & Iraq War

Peter Camejo: The Avocado Declaration
Dated 1 Jan 2004 / Camejo is a founding member of the California Green Party (in 1991) and its candidate for governor in 2002 & 2003. Camejo was the Socialist Workers Party's candidate for US president in 1976. Camejo urges the Green Party to offer an alternative to support for the Democratic & Republican agenda & candidates in the 2004 US Presidential election.  Endorsements of the Avocado declaration
Tired of the phony "war on Terror?"
Bush, Kerry promise to keep US troops in Iraq "as long as it takes."
Vote Nader in 2004, Bring the Troops Home now!
--Flyer for March 20 antiwar demonstration--

Same sex marriage rights: Where do the US presidential candidates stand?
Nader supports the right of same sex couples to marry,
Bush and Kerry are opposed to same sex marriages, not opposed to civil unions

Nader for President Committee
National Nader2004 meetup day is the 2nd Thursday of every month
Nader for President Committees will be set up in about 100 citites on March 11, 2004
For more information, go to

Web site of Nader supporters in Minnesota

AP Poll: Nader at 6%
over 5,000 volunteers sign up during first week of the campaign

Suicide Right on the Stage
The Demise of the Green Party
By JEFFREY ST. CLAIR, CounterPunch, 2 July 2004

A Report from Milwaukee
Green Party Shifts Into Reverse
By ALAN MAASS, CounterPunch, July 1, 2004
For a Green Presidential Campaign in 2004
by Howie Hawkins, Syracuse Greens
Presented at Regional Greens Meeting, Freeville, NY, June 28, 2003
Hawkins is president of the Green Alliance & a NYGP rep on the USGP coordinating committee

Green and Growing: 2004 in perspective
Not an approved Green Party statement. It was signed by over 158 Green Party members, including at least 2 persons seeking the Green Party endorsement as candidate for US president (David Cobb and Lorna Salzman). The statement calls on the Green Party US to run a serious campaign for US president in 2004.

Kuchinich's Peculiar Strategy
jumping_mouse2002 (Mato Ska). Posted with permission from the author (a New Mexico Green Party member).

Don't Stop Now, Let's Go For It
by Steve Welzer,

The Recall Link to Camejo for CA Governor web site
By Peter Miguel Camejo, October 14, 2003
  The California recall and election of 2003 may be regarded as a dress rehearsal for the US presidential election in 2004. Camejo's commentary includes discussion of strategy and tactics employed by the Green Party and the Democrats. An excellent analysis of the recall and election campaign, in my opinion.  The Recall Link to text at a Mann for School Board web page.