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Teacher pay freeze: A bargaining ploy?
Subj:      [Mpls] Teacher pay freeze: a bargaining ploy?
Date:     10/29/2003 9:46:41 AM Central Standard Time
To: (mpls issues list)

I suspect that the school board authorized Jennings to withhold step and lane
pay increases from teachers as a bargaining ploy to pressure teachers to
accept the district's "pay for performance" scheme.  The "pay for performance"
merit pay is tied to completion of the teacher training the district wants all
teachers to get.

The union membership ratified a collective bargaining agreement that gave
teachers the option to get pay increases according to a step and lane schedule or
to take merit pay. About 2 out of 3 teachers chose to stick with the step and
lane schedule.

Eliminating the step and lane schedule and conversion to the merit pay is
unlikely to save the district any money, unless a large number of teachers opt
for advanced education and training that isn't recommended by the district. I
think that teachers should be encouraged to get whatever kind of advanced
education and training they think will do them the most good.

There's no money for teachers, but there's enough to pay Jennings $125,000
per year and provide him with a golden parachute.  And I'm sure that there is no
way that the board would dare to roll back the fat pay increases it gave to
its many highly compensated administrators.

-Doug Mann

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