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NAACP gag order
In a message dated 10/16/2003 9:13:39 AM Central Daylight Time, Keesha Gaskins writes:

Mr. Mann:
Please be clear.  My note was not a threat -- just my thoughts.  They were not communicated as the organizational response only my own.  I have no authority to dispense any disciplinary action (as you are well aware).
I hope you are able to make the distinction.
  Keesha Gaskins
Ms. Gaskins,

You offered your considered opinion, as branch parliamentarian, that my interpretation of the constitution and bylaws is wrong, that the alleged misinformation that I have communicated to the public regarding the internal affairs of the NAACP is a violation of article 10 of the NAACP constitution and bylaws, which prohibits actions that are inimicable to the interests of the NAACP.

You may call it 'friendly advice' if you like. At any rate, you conveyed that friendly advice in your capacity as branch parliamentarian.  That makes it an official organizational response: A gag order.  Your note is therefore not privileged communication. It is appended below.

-Doug Mann

Subj:      Hollman Consent Decree October 17 Court Hearing
Date:     10/14/2003 2:55:44 PM Central Daylight Time
From:     [Email address deleted] (Keesha Gaskins)

Mr. Mann:
Please update my email address to: [Email address deleted].
I saw both your email and your posting regarding Hollman on your Mann for School Board website.  I am disappointed to see so much misinformation communicated to the community.  I am reasonably certain, however, that you are not acting out of malice, but out of sincere belief that you are doing the right thing to advance not only the interest of the community but also of the Branch.  
Insofar as your interpretation of the Constitution is concerned -- based on my understanding as the Branch Parliamentarian and having been trained by Branch and Field Services of the National Office on the meaning of the Association's Constitution -- I don't believe you are entirely correct. But again, I know you are trying to do the right thing.

Thank you for all your ceaseless efforts to work for the Branch.  I am confident that in the future you will use your best efforts to be as accurate as possible before communicating to the larger community.  Moreover, it would be helpful if you could try to distinguish between public information and internal branch business.  As you are aware, from your thorough reading of the Association's Constitution, that communicating misinformation -- particularly about internal branch business -- is violative of the Association's Constitution as it is inimical to the Association.
I am not certain what can be done regarding your concerns about Hollman, but President Buckner has received the communication and I am certain he will take appropriate action -- on everything you have said. I am doing my best to make sure that both regional and national office is aware of all of your hard work and public commentary.  Again, I am confident that the Association will make sure that you receive the appropriate response.
Thank you,
Keesha Gaskins