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"Reverse racism cuts both ways"
In a message dated 10/16/2003 4:33:34 AM Central Daylight Time, David Strand writes:

 "I never heard any of the critics say as Jim Boyd [Star-Tribune editor] does  that the candidate needed to be a person of color because the majority of students are of color.... "

That argument was out there, nonetheless. Two examples: A column by Clarence Hightower in Insight News. An opinionated news item in the Pulse of the Twin Cities by Ed Felien. Passages from both are pasted below, after two short paragraphs of commentary by me.

The Strib doesn't have a problem with "reverse racism," when it can be utilized to support the status quo. The Strib supported Carol Johnson because she was a trusted team player, not a boat rocker or feather ruffler.  Johnson was
qualified and black, and could therefore help to muzzle the NAACP. No need to look further.

The Strib doesn't have a problem with "reverse racism" when it serves to stifle dissent and paralyze opposition to the status quo.  The Strib never took anyone to task for saying "Isn't it wonderful that we have a black female superintendent!" and "How dare you criticize our black superintendent!"
In Minnesota, it’s "one and done" for our people
by Clarence Hightower President/CEO Minneapolis Urban League

"Many will say that I am wrong. Some will say that I am off base. A few will say that I am barking up the wrong tree. Well, a few days ago this great state could have proved me wrong. Carol Johnson, a person of color, vacated her
position as superintendent of Minneapolis Public Schools. Did the school board hire another person of color? No! Did the school board interview another person of color? No! Did the school board seek the opinion of folks of color? No!"

"There couldn’t have been a better opportunity to prove me wrong. I mean, after all, the Minneapolis Public Schools system is 70% students of color. There is a tremendous achievement gap between students of color and White students. The district has acknowledged this gap and fashioned a 12-point plan to improve the achievement of students of color. Here was a great chance to prove me wrong…hire a superintendent of color!"

What is the School Board doing now?
Wednesday 01 October @ 14:04:48  
by Ed Felien

"Now, they have appointed Dave Jennings as Superintendent of Public Schools for Minneapolis."

"Why would they appoint a former head of the Republican Party to lead the schools in a heavily Democratic city?"

"Why would they appoint a white male to lead a school system that that now counts a non-white majority and furthermore a person who voted against making Martin Luther King Day a State holiday and who voted against sanctions for South Africa when it was practicing apartheid?"

"Why would they appoint someone with no education experience and no education credentials to run an education system?"

-Doug Mann, King Field
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