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The Diary of a Nursing Home Agitator   |   Shop Floor Politics   |   Mobilizing Opposition to Carter's Wage Guidelines   |   One Step Forward, Then a Tousand Steps Backward
The Diary of a Nursing Home Agitator
                         [table of contents from pamphlet]

                              Shop Floor Politics
page #
   1      1974 Contract Ties Large Pay Hike To Job Cuts
   2       Agitation Leads To Termination  
   4       Two Waves Of Mass Resignation
   6       The Formation Of An Ad-hoc Grievance Committee
   8       Two Union Stewards, Two Union Regimes
   9       The Union Leadership Makes A Deal            
                  To Eliminate Paid Sick Leave
  10      The Turning Point In A Battle For Union Recognition:
                  A Picket Line And March In White Bear Lake, MN

 Mobilizing Opposition to Carter's Wage Guidelines

  12     The Area-wide Grocery Store Contract
  13     A Call to Arms Against Carter's Guidelines   
  17    Bargaining Committee Delegates Chosen In Rigged Elections
  19    The Bargaining Committee Opens For Business As Usual
  21    The Secret Wage Package And Strike Authorization Vote
  22    The Union Bids Low, Employers Bid High  
  24    How a 7% Wage Increase Equaled Communism   
  25    The One-at-a-Time Strategy  
  26    The Final Offer

 One Step Forward, Then a Thousand Steps Backward
  29    The One-at-a-Time Strategy And Wage Restructuring
  31    An Effect Of Racist and Sexist Hiring Practices
  32    A Debate Over Bargaining Strategy
  33    The Understaffing Crisis  
  36    The War Against Licensed Nurses  
  38    Organizing The Unorganized