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Iraq occupation quiz
Why isn't the US military in Iraq assuming its duty of restoring order in
Iraq, such as stopping the looting of hospitals? (multiple guess)

A) The US is liberating, not occupying Iraq.

B) US troops are too busy fighting armed partisans of the collapsed regime.

C) US troops don't want to get killed accidentally as a result of friendly
fire from Iraqis who are shooting at supporters of the collapsed regime.

D) US soldiers don't want to get out of their tanks and Bradley Fighting
Vehicles for fear of being the targets of armed Iraqis, who are shooting at
American soldiers to even the score.  

The correct answer is D.  The incorrect answers were supplied by the US high

Estimated war casualties include up to 35,000 dead Iraq's and over 100 dead
US soldiers, so far.

Economic sanctions and almost daily air strikes by the US since 1991 killed
over 1 million Iraqis, including 500,000 children.

An incredibly high rate of birth defects and deaths from cancer in Iraq since
1991 is thought to be due to the release of radioactive particles from
depleted uranium artillery shells used by the US in the 1991 Gulf war. The US
again used depleted uranium artillery shells during the past few weeks.
That's a war crime.

The Iraqi people are expected to foot the bill for cleaning up the mess made
by the US. Iraqi oil wells are to be held in trust by kindly US oil companies
until all the bills are paid.

Compared to Saddam's regime, the de facto US colonial government is expected
to use a lot less of Iraq's oil revenues for things that directly benefit the
masses of Iraqis, like food and medicine. Money for that sort of thing will
have to come from the UN and private charities.   

If I were an American soldier in Iraq, I wouldn't want to get out of my
Bradley fighting vehicle either.  

Iraq is Arabic for Vietnam. US out of Iraq now!

-Doug Mann