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Writings by Doug Mann
Ability Grouping
Flight from Equality
3 - Flight from Equality: School reform in the US since 1983
  9 - Minneapolis Public Schools ‘Can Close the Gap’
 10 - Evidence that school policies matter
 11 - Platform (How to fix the school system)
 14 - Opening statement at 2002 school board candidates forum
 15 - Spin Control on Jennings withdrawal (as candidate for Minneapolis Schools superintendent)
 17 - Doug Mann for Superintendent?
 18 - Open Letter to the NAACP re: Parent Information Centers & the MN Voluntary School Choice Project
 21 - Bush’s Education Agenda
 26 - K-12 Education on the wrong track: Gifted education and ability-grouping in America’s public schools
 36 - Why ability grouping widens the academic achievement gap
 39 - Four book reviews