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2002 Minneapolis School Board Election   |   General Election, Nov 5, 2002   |   Evidence that School policies matter   |    Platform   |   Opening Statement, 2002 school board candidates forum   |   Minneapolis Public Schools Can 'Close the Gap'   |   On Reparations, by Adolph Reed
2002 Minneapolis School Board Election

K-12 School Propaganda
Thanks to a massive disinformation campaign launched in 1983 with a report entitled 'A Nation at Risk' you may not know that the K-12 public school system in the US was closing the academic performance gap between black and white students during the 1970's and early 1980's. by Doug Mann,  April 29, 2003

Results of General Election (School Board)
Tuesday, November 5, 2002

"Most parents want a public school education that maximizes their children’s intellectual development and opportunities for employment and education after high school. However, only a small minority of students in the Minneapolis Public Schools get that kind of education.  

"In order to make a quality public education accessible to all on an equal basis, we must Hold schools accountable: The district can make rapid progress toward ‘closing the gap.’   Desegregate inexperienced teachers (now concentrated at predominantly black, high-poverty schools) Base Instruction on individualized educational planning & a college-bound curriculum, not ‘ability-grouping’/tracking."
- Doug Mann (2002 Star-Tribune voters guide essay)

Endorsements (2002)  
Evelyn Eubanks, Parents Union President & former citywide PTA President; Brandon Lacy Campos, cofounder of out4good & former citywide MPS Student Government president;
Pamela Taylor, former Community Representative on the Wilder Early Education Center leadership team.  

"Almost Endorsed" by Vinny's Education Coalition in 2002
"DOUG MANN has lots of interesting ideas abouteducation, and has fought hard against the system many times for better schools and helped the NAACP fight for better conditions in poor schools. He appears to have fiscal discipline, too. While Vinny's Education Coalition is not endorsing anyone in the race, Mann came closest to receiving our endorsement. We encourage you to vote for Mann...he is a much better choice than any of the incumbents, hands down"
-- from Scumbag List Twin City

Doug Mann: A concerned parent fighting inequality and ruffling some feathers
by Caitlin Pine, SW Journal, 21 October 2002. New Link updated 16 April 2004

Opening Statement, 2002 School Board Candidates forum
By Doug Mann,

Evidence that School policies matter

Platform (How to fix the school system)

School candidates propose solutions to the "achievement gap"
30 October 2002 [Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder]  by Kwame JC McDonald

Minneapolis School Board Candidates debate the issues
Coverage of this year's only school board candidates forum.  Mann calls on School administration to reveal current and proposed budgets, and to open the financial books. 29 October 2002 [Star-Tribune] by Allie Shah. - Star-Tribune pay archives

Doug Mann: Outspoken Critic wants real education reform
31 October 2002 [Star-Tribune]  by Allie Shah - In Star-Tribune pay archives

Minneapolis Public Schools Can 'Close the Gap'
by Doug Mann, August 11, 2003