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Writings by Doug Mann
Doug Mann for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 8
E-brochure (A print version to be ready by June 1)
Flight from Equality School reform in the US since 1983 (2003)

White Supremacy & Apartheid Lite in Minnesota (1999)

The Fight Against Resegregating Minneapolis Public Schools (1998)
Includes speech at Socialist Action Forum - 23 April 1998
Separate But Equal?  (1998)

The Community School Plan
Minneapolis Public Schools Proceed with Resegregation Plan
1/26/98, revised 12/30/2000

K-12 Education on the Wrong Track
Gifted Education and Ability Grouping in America's Public Schools
 Spring 1994     Revised 12/20/97
Perfuming the Minneapolis Public Schools:
Altering perceptions instead of overhauling a failing school system (2000)

Blaming the Victim
Four statements /speeches

The Fight Against Urban Cleansing and Gentrification in Minneapolis (1999)

The Diary of a Nursing Home Agitator (1997)
Memoir of a union activist

Other Writings

Middle Class Shrinkage and Pauperization
Two Views of American Capitalism in the Late 20th Century
28 May 1994 A Critique of Robert Reich's Theory of the "New Economy."
Why did the long post World War II boom happen? The disintegration of several European colonial empires, which accompanied the emergence of the US and USSR as superpowers after World War II, laid the basis for a long economic boom.  For similar reasons, robust economic growth in the US was made possible during the latter part of the 1990s by the counterrevolution in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe and free market reforms in China. This essay predicted fairly robust economic growth in the US during the latter part of the 1990s.

For a Labor Party Based on the Trade Unions
Statement distributed at the founding convention of the Labor Party; Cleveland Ohio, June 1996

Affordable Housing and the Hollman v. Cisneros Settlement
Draft Statement

Oppose U of MN Tuition Hikes!
Socialist Alternative Statement (Feb. 2001)

Repeal the U of MN Tuition Hike!
Statement (revised 6 September 2001)

from 'Health Care Workers Advocate'
Also posted at the Health Care Workers' Advocate Web site
Support Fairview Nurses Fight for Safe Staffing
from the Health Care Workers Advocate web site, May-June 2001

Lessons of the 2001 Fairview Nurses Strike
9 July 2001 How the strike movement of 9,000 RNs in the Twin Cities was
derailed  (May-June 2001) Headings:  The One-at-a-Time Strategy -
The Scab Nurse Shortage - The Public Relations Front -
The HealthEast Settlement - The Domino Effect -
Ratification of a Rejected Contract - The Formation of RNs for Change -
The Legacy of "Win-Win" Bargaining - No Confidence in Management to
Voluntarily Reduce RN Workloads - Nursing Shortage or Staffing Crisis?

Not Yet Published Online

The NAACP's Voluntary Desegregation Plan:
Why the NAACP should disown it (2000)

The Settlement of NAACP v. Minnesota:
A solution for the Democratic Party's Image Problem (2000)