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Mr. Robson's Defense of Dennis Schapiro
Subj:     Re: [Mpls] Mr. Robson's defense of Dennis Schapiro
Date:     11/5/2001 10:07:04 PM Central Standard Time
From:     Gypsycurse7

In a message dated 11/5/2001 6:18:57 PM Central Standard Time, [B Robson] writes:

> If Dennis Schapiro is being "intellectually dishonest," as Mr. Mann claims,
> then what are we to make of his huffing hubris on behalf of Evelyn Eubanks,
> in which he goes on the offensive against Schapiro in an attempt to obfuscate
> an organizational lapse by his candidate? Since I know he prefers being
> quoted directly, here is what he wrote:
>  "Where did Mr. Shapiro [sic] get his story about the Southwest Journal
> voters guide? Did he contact Evelyn Eubanks? The SW Journal reporter? Did it
> occur to Mr. Shapiro [sic] that Ms. Eubanks missed the deadline for supplying
> material for the SW Journal voters guide? Shoot first, ask questions later:
> Is this what we can expect from Mr. Shapiro [sic] as a school board director?"
> What makes this response really rich is that Mr. Schapiro *was* asking a question,   
> one that genuinely sought to clarify Ms. Eubanks' unorthodox participation (or lack of
> participation) in two media forums. Mr. Schapiro even offered up two possible
> scenarios as to why Eubanks doesn't appear in the SW Voters Guide: "a principled  
> statement of disdain" for the Journal's agenda,  and "an example of time management
> issues." His second, less complimentary scenario turned out to be the accurate one.
> I'd hardly call that "shooting first."

So, Mr. Schapiro asked a question.  Who did he direct that question to?  
Why didn't he direct his question to Evelyn Eubanks?  If Mr. Schapiro genuinely wanted
to clarify an issue with Evelyn Eubanks, wouldn't it make sense to direct his questions to
 Evelyn Eubanks?  He also offered two uncomplimentary scenarios as matters of fact.
Did you consider the possibility that both of his scenarios might be inaccurate?
 Did you consider the possibility of a third scenario?

Mr. Robson, did you ask Ms. Eubanks why she missed the SW Journal deadline?
 I did talk to Evelyn Eubanks about this burning issue.  However, I am not going to
supply you or Mr. Schapiro with the answers.  I am a supporter of Ms. Eubanks,
not her spokesman. Ms. Eubanks has a telephone and an e-mail address.  Try contacting
her about any concerns you have about her apparent organizational lapses, disdain for
the press, etc.

And pardon me for commenting on the use of smear tactics against Ms. Eubanks.

You don't dispute what I said about a particular line of argumentation used by Mr. Schapiro
 as being intellectually dishonest.  That is wise.  Instead, you accuse me of being intellectually
 dishonest.  You say that if Schapiro is being intellectually dishonest, "what should we make
of your huffing hubris on behalf of Ms Eubanks?" Clever tactic.  Who is going on the offensive
 in an attempt to obfuscate here?

You also say

< ...Ms. Eubanks has every right to stipulate that she would only respond to the Strib's
< interview questions in written form. But I'd rather support a candidate secure enough in
< his or her grasp of the issues to engage a reporter in the standard give-and-take of a  
< verbal interview. Given the occasionally surprising and contentious verbal exchanges  
< that arise during Mpls School Board meetings, it is good to get a sense of how a       
< candidate responds on his or her feet, without foreknowledge of what is being asked...

How does a private, off-the-record interview with a Strib reporter give you get a sense
of how a candidate responds on his or her feet?

If a reporter is clearly hostile, why give him or her ammunition to use against you?

What does your e-mail have to say about educational policy, causes of poor student
achievement, and so forth? Nothing.

Do you endorse Mr. Schapiro's views, and his candidacy?

I certainly do not.

- Doug Mann, King Field