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Recent Socialist Club Events

Recent Socialist Club Events

Wednesday, October 31,  1:00 PM
"K-12 Education Reform on the Right Track?"
Why do so many children from low-to-moderate income households, especially children of African and American Indian descent, fail to thrive in the Minneapolis Public Schools?  Are the schools doing a good job with a diverse student population, as district officials say?  Do we need to fix the schools, or do we need to fix the kids, their parents, and communities of color?  
Join a discussion group!
Helland Center, Room 212
Minneapolis Technical & Community College
Wednesday, October 24  1:00 PM
 "Which way forward for the Antiwar movement?"  
Join a discussion group (small-group format)
Whose interests are served by the war in Afghanistan?  
What is a pro-war 'peace' movement?  
What Lessons can be drawn from the anti-Vietnam war movement and the 1991 anti-Gulf war movement?
HC 212, Minneapolis Community and Technical College
Wednesday, October 17   1:00 PM
The War in Afghanistan: Is It Justified?
Join a discussion group
Why is the US going to war in Afghanistan?
a) to fight terrorism and bring about world peace,
b) to control access to oil reserves in the Middle East and Central Asia    
Fine Arts 135      Minneapolis Technical & Community College
Sponsored by MCTC Socialist Club