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Repeal the U of MN Tuition Hike!
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Repeal the Tuition Hike!

Last winter, U of MN President Mark Yudof warned that a
huge tuition hike would be imposed if the legislature didn't
provide the money needed for programs that would make the
U of MN one of the nation's top research centers.

Yudof also claimed there was a law on the books that requires
 the U of MN (and other post-secondary schools in Minnesota)
to collect no more than 30% of its total revenues from students,
and that students were already footing over half of the cost of
their education at the U of MN.  Wouldn't that make the latest
tuition hike illegal?

The new programs that Yudof claims will make the U of MN
a top research facility are basically corporate welfare programs,
such as the new biotech research facility that the U of MN built
for Cargill.  Thatís what the latest Tuition Hike will make
possible: more corporate welfare programs.  

Demand that the Board of Regents Repeal the Tuition Hike
and scrap the new corporate welfare programs.

Education is a right, not a privilege!
Fund education, not corporate welfare!
Repeal the Tuition Hike!
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