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AFSCME Council 6 Questionnaire
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1.   What is your position on the contracting out or privatization of public services? Under what circumstances would you support the privatization or contracting out of services currently provided by the
school district?         I am opposed to contracting out (outsourcing)  public services.

2.  What role have you played in either advocating for or against the privatization or managed competition of public services?    I spoke against outsourcing public services at a meeting for school board candidates in 1999.

3.  What are your feelings on the use of school vouchers in the city's education system?
I am for fixing the public schools, and against vouchers.   If the Minneapolis Board of Education fails to address and correct institutional causes of poor student performance and disparities in educational outcomes,  political support for vouchers from parents will grow.   

4.  Do you believe the Edison PPL School is successful and should be continued?  No. No.

5.  As a board member, what would you do see as your role in fostering labor relations with the AFSCME bargaining units at the school district?  I am an advocate of workers rights.   I will agitate for extending full appeal rights to non-tenured teachers, every teacher would be a tenured teacher.   

6.  What role did you play either in support or opposition to the 2000 schools referendum?
I wrote a letter to the editor of Southside Pride which called for a vote against the "Better Schools Referendum" in 2000.  I did so to apply pressure on the district to address institutional causes of poor academic performance and disparities in education-related outcomes for students.
7.  Would you accept campaign contributions from AFSCME political committees?   Yes.