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Layoffs, realignments, and the 2004-2005 budget
Write-in "Doug Mann" for School Board
Another Option for Minneapolis School Board Voters (2004 General Election)
by Doug Mann, 29 Oct 2004, Submitted to the Star-Tribune for publication 28 Oct 2004

MPS Press Release re: 608 teacher layoffs, 'realignment'
Note: The press release states that budget cuts forced the district to layoff 608 teachers,
but only 210 teacher positions were actually cut from the 2004-2005 budget compared
to the previous year.

Realignment and the Strand Decision
Subheadings: The District's rationale for teacher layoffs and reassignments -
The district's actions are unfair & illegal - The district's actions are unreasonable -
How excessive layoffs & reassignments can cut payroll costs, increase
reimbursements - Excerpts from Minnesota Appeals Court Opinions re
district's duty to "realign"
by Doug Mann, 4 July 2004

Draft resolution on teacher layoffs and realignment
Emailed 10 July 2004 to members of the Minneapolis School Board
for their consideration at the board meeting regularly on 13 July 2004
The draft resolution outlines the steps called for by the law and teachers
contract when when the administration reduces the workforce.  

MPS 2004-2005 Budget  
The Board cuts 210.8 teaching positions, 608.0 teachers get layoff notices
by Doug Mann, 1 July 2004
Two batches of layoff notices, the first to about 300 "probationary" teachers this
spring, then another 300 to tenured teachers -- just announced at the June 29 board
meeting --  are excessive, and may be illegal - violating the MN teacher tenure act and
the teachers employment contract. MPS teachers beware: If you recieved a layoff
notice, it may be necessary to file a *timely* grievance in order to preserve your
tenure rights in the event your job is not cut. (hit link for full text & more)
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Layoff notices to 600 teachers excessive, illegal  by Doug Mann, 2 July 2004
Teachers bumping by Doug Mann, 2 July 2004
200 MPS teachers illegally reassigned, by Doug Mann, 3 July 2004
Teacher reassignments & excessive layoffs: Reassigned teachers have a legitimate
beef & grounds for challenging the legality of avoidable infringements on their seniority and
tenure rights, by Doug Mann, 3 July 2004                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Work in progress: Analysis of the MPS 2004-2005 budget that will show how much of the
operating budget goes to pay for central office staff and highly compensated employees.

How to 'file a grievance' without the union's cooperation
Re: [Mpls] "Realignment" at MPS (what teachers can do)

Why it is important for teachers being realigned out of
their jobs to raise the issue of excessive layoffs

Realigned teachers hire lawyer with conflict of interest
by Doug Mann, 23 July 2004

Nearly 100 attend meeting called by realigned teachers
by Doug Mann, 21 July 2004
 Attorney Gregg Corwin offered to represent teachers in a lawsuit that
challenges the "reasonableness" of the district's teacher realignments,
but will not allege that the district has violated limits on the its right to bump
and layoff teachers. It would be impossible to represent teachers on contract
issues without further alleging that union officers failed to do their duty as the
teachers' exclusive representive.  And Mr. Corwin's clients may be running the
risk that their case will be throw out of court because they have failed to
exhaust their administrative remedies.
     According to about a dozen teachers who attended the meeting, teachers
generally do not assert rights that limit management's ability to bump them out
of one job and into another due to misinformation, lack of effective
representation from the union, or fear of retaliation from the management.
[For more of the story hit the link above]

Press Release:  Teachers preparing to sue district over "realignments"

Demand Action from the School Board!
by Doug Mann 11 July 2004
Note: The board responded to protests against the realignment process
on July 13 by saying that they would look into other options.

Special Ed teacher qualifications & realignment
Email to Minneapolis School Board membes The district
administration has fired special Ed teachers with up to several
years of experience, and is filling many of those positions with
teachers who do not have, and are unlikely to get the specialized
education and training they need and which is ordinarily required
of new hires. Serious harm can be done to many students by teachers
who don't know what they are doing.  The district is being forewarned
and could face serious financial sanctions for deliberately taking steps
that will deny students access to special education services that are
appropriate, effective, and safe.