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Draft resolution on teacher layoffs & realignment
Write-in "Doug Mann" for School Board
Another Option for Minneapolis School Board Voters (2004 General Election)
by Doug Mann, 29 Oct 2004, Submitted to the Star-Tribune for publication 28 Oct 2004

For consideration by the Minneapolis School Board at its regularly scheduled public meeting on July 13, 2004
From: Doug Mann
To: Minneapolis School Board members
CC: Minneapolis issues list &

The best interests of MPS students and public education in MN are not served by excessive layoffs and a realignment process that is certain to reduce the quality of education provided by the Minneapolis Public Schools and motivate more parents to pull their children out of district-run schools. Corrective action is urgently needed

Please consider passing the following resolution at the next regularly scheduled public board meeting on July 13, 2004
Whereas the district's leadership is planning to cut 210.8 teacher positions and has laid off 608.0 teachers, and

Whereas the district is cutting 213.8 teacher positions in program 200, K-12 allocations for regular instruction, and is adding a few teacher positions in other areas, and

Whereas the district is planning to offer to rehire at least 398 teachers, creating a potential for shortages of minimally qualified teachers in some areas and a poor match up of skills needed and skills possessed by the teachers available to fill them, and

Whereas the district has fired and plans to rehire low-seniority teachers in the elementary grades as elementary grade teachers next fall, and

Whereas low-seniority elementary teachers might otherwise be forced to bid on jobs that come open in other areas (mostly in middle schools, high school and special education), and

Whereas experienced teachers in areas of need are to be replaced by teachers with no recent experience in order to preserve the jobs of lower seniority, elementary  teachers, and

Whereas, as many as 196 high-seniority, elementary grade teachers certified to work in "areas of need" will be bumped out of their positions, and

Whereas predictable effects of the realignment process include lower quality instruction and greater declines in enrollment,  

Therefore be it resolved that all of termination notices and job realignments affecting teachers are rescinded, and the administration will proceed in the following manner to excess and lay off teachers:

First, notify teachers who jobs may be excessed that their jobs might be excessed. Those excessed teachers should then bid for any jobs that are coming open due to retirements, quits, and firings for cause.  

Then the district administration should carefully consider replacing teachers in other areas who are lower on the seniority list with excessed teachers.

Only as a last resort should the district carefully consider the replacement of teachers in high needs areas with teachers with more seniority than the teachers who are being excessed.   

And be it further resolved that the district will not terminate the employment of teachers in high need areas and replace them with teachers who merely possess a license to practice in another area, and does not have more than one year of recent experience ("recent experience" defined as at least one year of experience within the past five years) in the area to which they are to be transferred.