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Vote Nader, Bring the Troops home now!
Tired of the phony 'war on terror?'
Bush, Kerry agree: Keep US troops in Iraq "as long as it takes"

"...Kerry accuses Bush of "a cut and run" strategy to reduce the US role in Iraq in time for the November election." --Does Kerry have a better idea? By Nancy Gibbs, Time magazine, March 15 2004

The Kerry Plan: UN troops in, some US troops out.
Howard Dean on Meet the Press, March 14, 2004: Introduced as the Democratic Party's antiwar candidate, Howard Dean endorsed Kerry's position that US troops should stay in Iraq "as long as it takes to stabilize the situation," and expressed confidence that Kerry can get the UN to send 100,000 troops to Iraq so that some US troops may come home. Dean also warned that George W. Bush might withdraw US troops from Iraq "prematurely" to improve his chances of getting re-elected.

John Kerry
Supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq
From Kerry's web site: "Senator Kerry supported legislation authorizing the use of force if necessary to disarm Iraq and remove the threat posed by Saddam Hussein's brutal and aggressive regime, a position he has not waivered from. In the months leading up to the war, he stressed the importance of working diplomatically to form the broadest possible coalition so that America would have support in the difficult task of reconstructing Iraq...

Ralph Nader
Opposed the invasion and occupation of Iraq
From Nader's web site: "The quagmire of the Iraq war and occupation could have been averted and needs to be ended expeditiously, replacing US forces with a UN peacekeeping force, prompt supervised elections and humanitarian assistance before we sink deeper into this occupation, with more U.S. casualties, huge financial costs, and diminished US security around and from the Islamic world..."
Vote Nader in 2004
Bring the troops home now!