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AP Poll: Nader at 6% (4 march 2004)

Washington, DC: Just ten days after announcing his presidential candidacy, an Associated Press poll released today has Ralph Nader at 6 percent.

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The support Nader is receiving in polling is consistent with the response to the Nader campaign. More than 5,000 people filled out volunteer forms on-line in the first week of the campaign and hundreds of résumés of people eager to work on the campaign from across the country have been received. The campaign has raised approximately $250,000 in the first ten days.

"This country does not belong to the two corporate-controlled major parties," said Theresa Amato, Naderís Campaign Manager. "Voters are yearning for more voices and more choices. Ralph Naderís candidacy is providing an alternative to
politics as usual."

Naderís announcement on Meet the Press, on February 22, followed by a press conference at the National Press Club the next day, resulted in a wave of media attention. "The more the public hears Ralphís message, and learns about his decades-long fight for the health, safety and economic well-being of the people, the more people will support him. His right to run to hold the two parties accountable and to help reform the broken political system is the American way. The public recognizes a candidate who tells truth to power. That resonates with the injustices people endure and the solutions available to address them," said Amato.