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NAACP branch jumps on the "school choice" bandwagon
Open Letter to the CEO and Board of Directors of the NAACP
(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)
by Doug Mann with input from other NAACP members
August 6, 2003

NAACP members in Minneapolis call on Kweisi Mfume, NAACP president and CEO to take immediate action to disassociate the NAACP from the Parent Information Centers sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Education. (see "Community Alert," next item down)

Community Alert
Statement prepared by an ad hoc committee of NAACP members (not a committee of the NAACP). Contact person: Doug Mann  Email:
August 1, 2003

By a two-thirds majority, the Minneapolis NAACP branch membership voted on June 28, 2003 to not open two proposed Parent Information Centers and to return $152,400 (plus interest) recieved from the state  due to a conflict of interest and failure to oversee the implementation of an agreement to settle a lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Education (approved by Courts in 2000). The NAACP sued the Minnesota Department of Education on behalf of public school students who are not getting an adequate education in the Minneapolis Public Schools  The NAACP has a duty to act as an advocate for the public school students it claims to represent.  

The President and Executive Committee of the Minnespolis NAACP Branch plan to open the Parent Information Centers on August 16, 2003 without authorization from the branch membership.

Job opening: 130,000 per year plus benefits
Yes, that's $130,000 per year plus benefits for the director of two proposed Parent Information Centers funded by the state of Minnesota and run by the Minneapolis Branch of the NAACP.  Except briefly in 2002, the Minneapolis NAACP branch has not had a K-12 education committee functioning within the by-laws of the branch since June 1999.  Yet the branch, represented by a secret negotiating team, settled an educational adequacy lawsuit with the state in 2001 and is legally obligated to serve as an advocate for the students it claims to represent.
by Doug Mann, June 1, 2003

Crisis in the Minneapolis NAACP Branch
by Doug Mann, August 9, 2003