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 Calendar (K-12 Education)

Minneapolis Board of Education
       The usual time, date and place for regular public meetings of the Minneapolis Board of Education:
       4:00pm;  the second and last Tuesdays of almost every month;
        the third floor assembly room at 807 NE Broadway.

       There is an opportunity for public comment during "delegations" at the regular public meetings (which are broadcast on the radio and cable access television).  Comments are generally limited to 3 minutes per speaker.
       To participate as a speaking delegate, fill out an index card for comments under the discussion agenda (which should be on a table near one of the entrances) and turn it in to the Board secretary.   
        The floor is open to delegations at 6:30pm, or just before the meeting adjourns, whichever comes first.   Many of these board meetings have adjourned before 5:00pm during the past two years.
        Recently the Board restricted public comment to topics listed under the "discussion agenda" and permits comment on other policy issues / concerns off-the-record at an informal meeting that happens immediately after the regular public meeting is adjourned.  
This notice Updated 13 October 2001