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DFL K-12 Education Agenda   |   J. Erickson -Testing, inputs, and outcomes   |   Erickson on Ability-grouping / curriculum tracking   |   Re: Mr. Mann's Statements

DFL K-12 Education Agenda
Joseph Erickson - Testing, inputs, and outcomes
16 june 2002 Comment on positions taken by DFL endorsed school
board candidate Joseph Erickson, a professor at Augsburg College (Mpls)

 J Erickson on Ability grouping / curriculum tracking
19 June 2002

Re: Mr. Mann's Statements, Part 1
20 June 2002 Reply to Dennis Schapiro, Minneapolis Board of Education
Did the 1983 report, A Nation at Risk falsely claim that the academic
achievement gap was being closed at the expense of high achievers?